Ten Technology Rules For Parents

Jagmeet Klair

Top Ten Rules

1. Be aware of scams and viruses

because it can wreck your computer.

2. If the screen is frozen then turn off the computer and turn it back on

if you do this the computer will restart and turn back to normal.

3. Don't put to much information on social networking sites

If you do then people find out too much about you and can steal your identity or find out where you live ect.

4. Make sure you turn off computer at night

or else it will heat up and may crash while your using it.

5. Always save your files or other stuff that you need

because sometimes auto save doesn't work and you may lose all your files.

6. always log out of social networking sites

or people may go on to your account and write embarrassing stuff.

7. Be aware of spam emails

because they can also wreck your computer and they try to trick you.

8. Never give anyone your password for any site

or they can go on to your site and mess everything up.

9. Don't leave the computer on if nobody is using it

Because it may get over heated and crash.

10. Don't click on pop ups or adds

because they can wreck your computer.

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Parental Tips on the use of information technology