Energy Drinks

By Rachel

Is it good for you?

Energy drinks are ment to give you energy, or are they. Have you ever wondered what energy drinks do to you inside. 1 bottle or can of an energy drink has 30 teaspoons of sugar and 10 spoons of caffeine.

There were expert doctors that wanted to test what happens when you drink 1 bottle of and energy drink and when you drink to to see if it is the double amount.

Two girls from BTN went to do the test.

One of them drank 1 bottle and the other girl drank 2 all constantly at the same time.

After a week the results came back, and realized that it made you have sticky blood and it can get stuck in you vains or you can have a heart attack.

Doctors are wondering if they should be aloud to give energy drinks to kids, because they could die or have a stock.