The Attack of Pearl Harbor

Nathan Hagenbuch - 4

Sequence of Events

The United states was Japan's best oil and natural gas producer.Japan started attacking United states territory. The government was worried about their aggressiveness, so they put an embargo on Japan. Japan took this as a act of war.Japan left with six aircraft carriers carrying 189 planes each, sixteen destroyers, battleships, and three submarines on the attack. Two soldiers where watching the radar and picked up planes, the general said that it was a group of B-17's returning from the west. The Japaneses came to pearl harbor and took the Americans completely by surprise. On the first wave it was Japans priority to destroy all of the ships. On the second wave they where to destroy the hangars and the barracks. With 2,235 servicemen and 68 civilians killed,and 1,178 wounded, the United states was defeated. Monday December 8 the United States and Britain declared war on Japan.

After the Attack

With 2,235 servicemen and 68 civilians killed, and 1,178 wounded, the United States and Britain declare war on Japan. Forces were sent to Hawaii to repair the ships, hangars, and barracks. All of the hangars and barracks with most of the ships where repaired and ready to go, but ships Arizona and Oklahoma where completely lost along with 188 planes.
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