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November 2014

Hour of Code

Several of you have shown interest in teaming up with me to complete the Hour of Code. I will most likely use my open time in the next few weeks to visit your class to kick it off! I have been to a few classes and so far they love it! For more info and to watch a short video visit The official dates are December 8-14 where the U.S. is trying to get 100 million students to participate!

Digital Citizenship

All 3rd and 4th grade students have learned about what Digitial Citizenship is in the last few weeks. We have a stoplight that will be posted in the computer lab to remind students about making good choices of what sites are green sites for school and home use.

Computer Lab Makeover- Help Needed

I would love to form a small committee to help get our computer lab looking great! I think this would be a great place to post important information related to being in the computer lab such as good sites to use, how to log in, computer etiquete, visual supports for leaving the computer lab, etc. Let me know if you are intersted in helping Holly, Allison, and I.

HSE 21

Allison, Holly, and I met with Susan Drumm and Kelly Moore for HSE 21 and learned a lot of where the district is at for implementing 1:1 devices for the 2016-2017 school year. We also want you to know that we can help you implement technology and project based learning stategies!

App Central

PBL (Project Based Learning)

Next time your class is ready to do a project, instead of choosing what the outcome will be, allow the kids to choose and see what they come up with.

Also, a great way to form groups is to have studnets ask questions prior to research and group students based on similar questions.

Flessner Connections

As we are moving toward having students explain multiple ways to get to a solution for a math problem, let's start recording the explanations and upload them to Blackboard for parents to see. Parents would benefit from learning the same strategies that students are learning. I would recommend using the Doceri White Board App because you can load the recording to You Tube. To learn more about this, come after school to the next optional Tech Tuesday on December 9th after school.

Collaboration Corner

I have really enjoyed continuing the collaborate with classes during library time to reinforce skills and also visiting classes during open time to help with projects. Remember, I don't have to do a major project with your class- I can do:

  • a mini lesson on skills, using iPads, teaching an online database, work on fluency with iPad videos, etc.
  • take a group to do a short activity to reinforce a topic
  • help kick off a project
  • come to the computer lab if the time works out with open times

Millerville Project

Oct 21, 2014

Mrs. Zaleski's Class Citizenship Reinforcement


Other Projects happening

  • Mrs. Glenesk and Miss Coffman just completed some amazing projects on Native Americans. The kids all did so well putting research into their own words and coming up with 3D representations from a specific tribe.
  • Mrs. Vogel just started a PBL project on Indiana History- more to come on that!
  • Miss Snair's class recorded different ways of using mulitplication on Doceri.
  • Mrs. Lawrence's class is working on a great project having to do with storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Students learned how to use World Book from the public library database site to do reserach instead of "googling."