The Secret ife of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd

Chris Agosto and Brandon Chapleau 4/10/2014 3A

"Bees swarm before death." - Rosaleen (Pg. 2)

The quote by Rosaleen is just a superstition that is alluding to a future death. Lily has bees in her room, therefore she wonders if the bees are swarming her room to foreshadow a death.

"Rosaleen said it was T. Ray's way of mooning the entire world. That was T. Ray." (Pg. 8)

T. Ray tended to a peach farm; he had a fleshy-colored sign with an apparent crease down the middle which resembled a rear end. Rosaleen says T. Ray was mooning the world and justified it by saying it was just how he was. This gives the reader a cynical view of T. Ray and causes him to be established as an antagonistic character.

"It was an accident. You didn't mean to do it." (Pg. 3)

In some way, Lily caused her mothers death, as implied by the quote. The flashback, however, seems to the reveal that Lily's mother died due to some altercation between her and T. Ray. Since Lily doesn't remember what happened right after she grabbed the gun on the ground, T. Ray told Lily she was responsible. This could be a false accusation coupled with a false sense of guilt.