Lane Intermediate Community Message

August 31, 2018 Patriot Pride @LaneWAWM

Sept 11 - Open House! Food Truck @ 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm AUX GYM.

Principal Message

Dear Lane Families,

It was great to see everyone at our 6th grade orientation. Welcome to Lane for the start of a new year! Everyone is welcome to Open House on September 11th at 6:30.

Teaching staff have spent time preparing for the upcoming year. Together we have focused on building a community at Lane that incorporates the use of restorative practice. Base group will include community circles and community building activities that may include goal setting and deeper learning components.

The first few days of school are always extremely busy as everyone establishes new routines. Please be patient during drop-off/pick-up times and follow the directions of the staff outside. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

I'm excited to see students back in the building next week and look forward to another great year.

Be A Star!

Mrs. Kayzar

First Day of School - Sept 4

Before and after school drop-off/pick-up routines will be similar to last year. Supervision begins at 7:25 am each morning. Breakfast is offered daily starting at 7:25 am and classes begin at 7:45 am. Students arriving at school should make their way to the open parking lot north of the cafeteria. Please, do not drive in this area before or after school for safety concerns.

6th Grade:

Once students arrive to school, they are welcome to eat breakfast and proceed to the main gym or just go to the main gym via the garden doors. We will start the day with an ALL SCHOOL Welcome!

7th and 8th grade:

Students enter the building via the cafe doors. They can eat breakfast before school starts and proceed to their first hour class at 7:45 am. Students will be called to the main gym.

Allergy Aware - Nurse Marla

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There are several students at Lane Intermediate this year who have life threatening allergies to foods, especially peanuts. Please avoid sending foods containing peanuts, nuts and/or peanut/nut byproducts. There will be designated food free classrooms as well as an allergen safe table in the cafeteria. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our district nurse at 604-4000 x1107 or the main office at 329-6600.

What is WEB?

WEB, which stands for “Where Everybody Belongs” is a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th/7th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their middle school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program trains mentors from your 8th grade class to be WEB Leaders. As positive role models, WEB Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the 6th/7th graders to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to middle school and help facilitate 6th/7th grade success.

More and more studies show that if students have a positive experience their first year in middle school, their chances for success increase dramatically. WEB provides the structure for 6th/7th graders to receive support and guidance from 8th graders who have been through the challenges that middle school poses and understand that the transition to a larger school can sometimes be overwhelming.

WEB also acts as an anti-bullying program for your school by providing it with a cadre of student leaders who look for bullying behavior and help stop it. WEB gives older students permission to be aware of and report any negative behavior they see, creating a safer school for everybody.

Open House

Please plan on joining us for Open House on September 11 from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. We will start the evening in the auxiliary gym at 6:30 pm. This evening provides parents, students, and teachers the chance to meet and discuss individual learning needs. This is also an opportunity to tour Lane

Smore Community Message

Stay connected with Lane through our weekly community message sent out Friday afternoons during the school year. There will be periodic updates throughout summer. Communication is key!

Happenings at Lane!

September 4 -- First Day of School :)

September 11 -- Open House 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

September 14 -- GLOW DANCE PTA sponsored 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sling bags available $3.00 - visit the office

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NEW Facebook Page!

Please follow the link to stay connected with all things Lane. Lane has a new updated page to follow!

Lane Athletics

Please help Lane in welcoming Mr. Malin as Lane's new Athletic Director! Contact Mr. Malin at with any questions or contact the West Allis Recreation Department for registration questions.