{A report on Hydroelectricity}

How is this natural resource formed and used?

Water is released from a reservoir, flows through a turbine, spinning it, which then activates a generator to produce electricity. People may not know it but hydroelectricity is used in everyday life. It produces 16% of electricity, 48% of generation from all renewables and hydropower is the largest renewable energy source for electricity generation in the us

What are the advantages of hydroelectricity?

~Clean fuel source

~Won't pollute the air

~More affordable and reliable

~Big part of Irrigation

What are the disadvantages of hydroelectricity?

The main disadvantage of hydropower is that local life's are disturbed, humans can't live in such a flooded place, plants are destroyed and then they have to relocate people to new places which effects people by losing their jobs and homes.

Where is hydroelectricity found most abundantly?

It is said that hydroelectricity is found most abundantly in Washington, Oregon and California.

Are there any harmful effects to the Earth during the process of hydroelectricity?

~Can cause the flooding of surrounding communities and landscapes

~Dams have major ecological impacts on local hydrology

~Dams collect nitrogen which kills fish, which then eliminates species

~Can cause serious geological damage

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Is hydroelectricity renewable?

Yes it is!!!