Lockets & Charms & Plates - Oh My!

September 2013 - Team Newsletter


{Exciting Months Ahead}

There are lots of exciting things headed our way over the next few months.

  • Take Out Menu: And we finally have a release date! Our new Take Out Menu will be available beginning Oct. 1. That means all new items (except one) will be in stock and ready to order, too! But guess what else? We’re giving Designers exclusive access! For the first week (October 1-7), only Designers will be able to sell new products as they won’t be available on our retail site. Woohoo!
  • Bracelets: Our new bracelets are destined to be a jewelry box must-have when they debut in November. No, that’s not a typo. While our new items are coming out in October, the bracelet won’t be available to purchase until November. However, it will still appear in the Take Out Menu. So, why the delay? We’re working to make sure the bracelet lives up to our super high standards. We wouldn’t provide anything but the best to you and your customers. Use this opportunity to get customers excited and to pre-book Jewelry Bars in November, December and beyond (just don’t let your September and October Jewelry Bars lag… Did somebody say “Cabo”?)
  • New Back Office: It’s almost here! Having an awesome Back Office is important, and we can’t wait to wow you with our new business system. What makes it so great? You can easily share updates like Jewelry Bar photos and your own personal blog to your downline. Plus, Jewelry Bar orders will be saved automatically so you can always come back to them and addresses will be validated. But, there’s a slew of other major improvements like reporting options and a Hostess Rewards calculator. So, be sure to keep your current Back Office updated and keep watching out for the 411 on the new system.
  • New Hostess Rewards Program: More big news destined to make your business easier! We have a new Hostess Rewards program on the way – one that’s simple, easy to promote, easy to calculate, and best of all, even more generous!

    • A qualified Jewelry Bar remains at $125 in retail sales and four (4) guest orders (one of which may be the Hostess BEFORE rewards are calculated)
    • Hostesses will receive an additional item at half price for every booking from her Jewelry Bar® (booking credits are given with complete future Hostess info entered into the Back Office).
    • Hostess Exclusives remain part of the program; the exact parameters are still being developed. But get excited, because we’ll have truly exclusive items in this quarterly program!
    • This new program will go into effect when the new Back Office system launches.
    • Stand by for an updated Hostess Rewards flyer, and for a way to update your hostess folders, too!

    Jewelry Bar Total:

    $125 - $499

    15% of total retail sales

    0-1 x 50% off item

    $500 - $999

    20% of total retail sales

    2-3 x 50% off items

    $1,000 +

    25% of total retail sales

    4 x 50% off items


{A New Way to be Paid!}

Ready for hassle-free commission payments? It’s about to come your way, as Origami Owl partners with PayQuicker LLC to provide you with a new, no-fee, direct deposit payment service. Once you enroll with PayQuicker (a welcome email is coming your way soon), you’ll receive a super cute Origami Owl branded debit card (we just love that little guy). Each week and month, your commission will be deposited directly into your PayQuicker account.

Then, simply choose how you want to access your commission.

  1. Make purchases with your Origami Owl Visa Debit Card.
  2. Obtain cash from any major ATM using your Origami Owl Visa Debit Card.
  3. Transfer funds to or from our own bank account and share funds between accounts.
  4. Send money to other people using PayQuicker’s Instant Payment Service at no cost.

There’s lots more to come about this new service (which will launch the same time as our new business system), so stay tuned to the Back Office for more updates, including what you’ll have to do to enroll. And yes, this is how we’ll be paying everyone – no more checks in the mail, or deposits into your own bank.


Fall is almost here! I want to reward you for building your business this month! For every $250 in PV that you have this month, you will have one entry into a drawing to win an exclusive Origami Owl Supplies Bag with Origami Owl goods AND a $25 Visa Gift Card inside. This is open to EVERY designer on my entire downline team - all you need is a minimum of $250 PV for an entry!

The Winner of the August Incentive is............................Lorri Cunningham! Congratulations Lorri and congratulations to all 41 entries we had this last month!

DID YOU KNOW??? Training Webinars are available to you.

Origami Owl prepares weekly training webinars and provides these to all designers on the Resource tab. These are available on Thursday evenings and contain valuable information for you in running your Origami Owl business. These are pre-recorded so you can listen when it is convenient for you. If you need more information, please reach out to your mentor for more information.