Willemstad Times!

By: Maddie Rendon


This is incredible!! A young blind boy survives on a n island! :D C:

Interview with Phillip

WT: So Phillip how did you arrive on the island?

PHILLIP: Well my mother and I were on our way to Virginia on the S.S. HATO and the German torpedoed us. I got hit on the head and I blacked out for about 4 hours and I landed on a raft with a big black man. We were on the raft for about 4 days then Timothy spotted and island.

WT: How long were you on the island?

Phillip: I believe it was about 4 months.

WT: Who was on the island with you?

Phillip: Timothy and Stew Cat. But Timothy died and I was left alone with Stew cat. I love both of them

WT: How did Timothy die?

Phillip: Well he was old. Also there was a big storm. He tied us towards the top of a palm tree so we wouldn't drown. He protected me with his back. Then his back was cut to ribbons. He laid there dead while I was left with a broken heart :'(

WT: Did you leave him? On the ground?

Phillip: No, I dug a big hole and made a grave for big old Timothy.

WT: Were your parents happy when they saw you again?

Phillip: I guess so. I mean they hadn't seen me in such a long time.

WT: How did you feel being blind?

Phillip: Well I learned to do alot of things without being able to see. Timothy made me a cane which helped me get around they island easier.

WT: Did you grow any?

Phillip: Yes other than growing physically, I grew courage and independence.

WT: Who was Stew Cat?

Phillip: Stew Cat was a loyal cat. He seemed to always be there whenever I need someone around. He was a GREAT cat.

WT: How do you feel being able to see again?

Phillip: I like it. Even though i have to wear these glasses, I still like being able to see what I am hearing.

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy was over 70 years old when he died. He died because of 2 reasons. One was he was old and Two, the sand and wind had cut his back very badly. Everything happens for a reason right?

Timothy was nice and loyal. He helped Phillip even when Phillip didn't like Timothy. Timothy was West Indian. Timothy didn't know his mother. He was an orphan.

Timothy believed in JUMBI and he thought the cat, Stew Cat, was the jumbi. When Timothy was younger he used to go to festivals. In those festivals, they wore wierd costumes to chase the jumbi away. JUMBI is an evil spirit.

Timothy didn't like all white people. But he liked Phillip. And that was all that mattered:)

National News

Remember World War 2 is still going on!


7th - Resistance bombs Rotterdam railway
7th - Transport 16 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
8th - "Monty" appointed commandant of British 8th Army at Alamein

8th - 6 convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in US executed in Wash DC
8th - Dianthus sinks U-379
8th - Russ anti-offensive of Voronezh under marshal Timosjenko

9th- 200 Jews escape Mir Ghetto in Poland

11th - 999 Jews are taken from Mechelen transit camp in Belgium
11th - British aircraft carrier Eagle torpedoed & sinks
11th - Lt-gen Montgomery makes landing on Gibraltar
12th- British premier Churchill arrives in Moscow, meets Stalin
12th - German 1st tank leader captures Elista, Kalmukkensteppe
12th - Lt-gen Montgomery arrives in Cairo

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