Tuning the Body, Mind and Spirit

Combining Yoga, Astrological Cycles and Acutonics®

This evening's class will incorporate more of the standing and balancing postures that help us maintain our center of gravity even as we shift our weight from one side to another.

Astrologically, the Sun is now in Libra, the sign of the scales. That, along with last month's Fall Equinox emphasizes our need for balance. Libra must weigh both sides of the equation before deciding, and the equinox gives equal time to light and shadow, day and night. It's a time for all of us to consider how we deal with seemingly opposite points of view in our own lives. The key is to stay centered, to not get polarized on one side or the other, but rather to allow an even flow of energy from each as we find our own truth and remain centered there.

The musical interval for this class features Mars and Venus, helping to balance body, mind and emotions.

Classes take place on Thursday evenings, 5:45-6:45. If you are interested, please pre-register with Jennifer by calling 814.422.3177 or email

Classes are $10 each or $30 for the remaining four.

Meet the Instructor and the Philosophy....

Heartspace Wellness Alliance

Heartspace Wellness Alliance provides spirit and space for self-healing, personal development and transformation through its integrated programming and workshops designed to support clients in restoring the mind, body, spirit, and energy. Our alliance seeks to connect people with holistic and counseling professionals from various backgrounds in order to promote wellness in the Central PA community.

For more information on this yoga class or acutonics sessions, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177.