Bobcat Chronicle

Volume 2, Issue 3

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Getting to Know Nurse Brandy

by Ana C.

Have you ever wondered what Nurse Brandy does every day? She is busy most of the time because she has so many students to take care of. Part of her job is to help sick, injured and needy students with everything from stomach aches, daily medication, cuts and bruises, and head injuries. Her attention would go first to the student with a head injury. She does this because head injuries could be very serious.

Nurse Brandy does not have a lot of free time, but when she does she cleans to make her office as germ free as possible. When she is not cleaning, she goes and helps the special needs students in their classrooms.

It may seem like she is only a nurse at school but she is helping kids at home too! Her friends and neighbors ask what to do if they are sick or injured.

Nurse Brandy said she loves her job but there is going to be some time when she has to leave. She said that she might want to help people in hospice. (Hospice care is for people at the end of their life.)

There have been a couple of times when she had to call the ER (Emergency Room) because it was either badly broken bones or breathing emergencies. The worst injury that she has seen was a student who broke their neck at Pflugerville Middle School.
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Kids Help Local Animal Shelter

By Krishna G.

Rebekah, a student in Mrs.Rodriguez’s class, has been inspired by the book Ghost Dog Secrets to do a very kind thing. She is trying to help the WCAS, or Williamson County Animal Shelter, by raising money and animal supplies to give to them. She and her classmates have been working hard to reach the goal of $100 for the shelter. While she loves cats and dogs, her favorite animal is a flamingo.

If you want to volunteer at the WCAS and help out like Rebekah, it depends on your age. If you are under 12, you cannot volunteer. If you are 12-15, you have to fill out an application. If you are 16+,you have to fill out an application, get a background check done, and you have to go to a class.

To sum it all up, help pets like Rebekah does! She got inspired by a book and you can be inspired by Rebekah. You don’t have to participate, but helping pets could change the world!
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Author Liesl Shurtliff Visits FBE

By Sonya W.

Liesl Shurtliff is the author of Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin,a Bluebonnet book. She also has new book called Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk that comes out April 14, 2015. Liesl has been writing for 10 years. She started writing short stories, articles, and book reviews for magazines and newspapers. Liesl has not always wanted to be a writer, but she does enjoy it. She wanted to be a famous dancer or pianist.

There are many ways authors get their great ideas, but for Liesl, she likes to exercise! When Liesl was a kid, she liked Boxcar children by Gertrude Chandler Warner, Matilda by Roald Dahl, and other books by Louis Sachar, Judy Blume, Shel Silverstein, and Beverly Cleary.

Liesl came to visit 4th and 5th grade on Wednesday, January 14. She shared her experiences with writing and editing with the students, inspiring them to write their own stories.
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By Marek K.

Are you in the IXL challenge? Well I am, and so is all of fourth grade. We’re all competing to win the IXL CHALLENGE at the end of the year! IXL is a computer program that teaches math and language arts. You can learn addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, geometry, graphing and lots of other skills. To get time for yourself and your class you have to practice skills on it every week.

I am confident that my class will win this year. This is the first year fourth grade has been allowed to use IXL and to participate in the IXL Challenge. The competition is over at the end of the school year when all the hours are counted up, and the class with the most time wins the challenge.

Good luck, 4th grade classes!
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The Terrific Ms. Tracie

By Kate H.

I bet you think that Mr. Thompson is the main PE teacher, right? But don't ever forget Mrs. Tracie, the most magnificent Tracie ever! Here are some interesting things you didn't know about Mrs. Tracie:

Home: “I'm a mom of three kids, all in their twenties: Nicholas (25), Andrew(22) and Sarah(20). I love the New York Yankees.They are great.”

Work: “I am a PE teacher (you all know that), but I am also in my eighth year at FBE and a teacher to kids at the community center. The kids in PE should try their best, and be healthy. That means getting more laps (probably 10) and doing good stretches. Honestly, I rate PE 5 out of 5 stars.”

Hobbies: “I love to read, and my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Right now, I am reading Predator by Patricia Cornwell.”

Don’t forget to exercise, and go Bobcats!
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Is Football Safe at School?

by Walker A.

Kids play football, and kids sometimes break parts of their body playing this sport. How safe do you really think it is?

In an interview with our school nurse Brandy, she believes it would be safe to play, but you have to wear all of your equipment. Nurse Brandy commented that most of the injuries happen because kids are not wearing the proper equipment.

Since Nurse Brandy has been at this school, she has seen things from scrapes to minor head bumps. I wondered if she had ever experienced kids with concussions. She announced that she has seen a minor concussion, along with a very serious one.

I wondered what Nurse Brandy’s thoughts were about kids playing football at recess. She noted sometimes it can be safe, but most of the time it gets too rough and kids get hurt.
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Ms. Kouri's Magical Creatures

By Danielle G.

Do you know about Ms. Kouri’s magical creatures? Jingles is her very jolly Elf on a shelf! One day he just showed up on top of her flagpole, and watches over all the kids. Ms. Kouri says that Jingles chose her because of all the students she has. She said that after Christmas is over, Jingles goes back to the North Pole and works on the presents for next year. Ms. Kouri told me an interesting story; Jingles was sitting behind someone and they didn’t know he was there, and he startled him or her.

Another creature she has is her dragon. Ms. Kouri said that she found him in her garden. She said he looked hungry and she fed him. Ms.Kouri said that her dragon sleeps most of the time and protects her supplies!

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Our comic contest winner is Christopher in Mr. Tidwell's class! Congratulations!

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Team 3 Members: Marek K., Krishna G., Danielle G., Sonya W., Kate H., Walker A., Ana C.