ely s. parker

by Shanell M. Swafford

facts about Ely S parker

"everything fair in love an war"Parker was the first native american to serve as commissioner of indian affairs in 1895, During the civil war he served as grant adjutant and transcibed the term of surrender for Lee to sign. after the civil war, he embarked on a career that benifited native americans and helped solidify their postion in a country that had long denied them thier freedom. he didnt want to learn english, but soon he realized that he would have to master the english  languange to succeed in both worlds.

Some things you didn't know about him.

name: Ely S. Parker born: 1828 in new york , united ,indian falls died: august 31, 1895 in connneticut ,fairfiekd , untied states nationality: american occupation:tribal leader

Ely Parker fight for Indian right and the united states

in December 1848, a political shakeup in the office of Indian affairs threw ely s parker out of work and under federal law he could not admitted to the new York bar. Indians where not american citizen and there were no legal provisions to naturalize them. over the next decade he studied engineering and once again worked with the tonawanda Seneca.



1827 Protestant missionaries first build churches in Six Nations

1841 Six Nations Council hands over land to British Crown to be held in trust.

1842 Ely Parker, is admitted tuition free at Yates Academy in Orleans County NY

1845Oct 5Six Nations appeal to the Society of Friends (for what dont ask me)

1850 W. B. Bartlett does an engraving depicting Mohawk Community of Akwesasne

1851 Lewis Henry Morgan and Ely Parker collaborate and publish "League of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee, or Iroquois"

1869 Ely S. Parker resigns from the Army

1878August 14Minnie "Ah-weh-ee-oo - beautiful flower" Theresa, daughter of Ely and Minnie Parker was born in Fairfield

1895August 30Ely S. Parker Dies in Fairfield

1897January 20Ely S. Parkers body reburied in Forest Lawn Cemetary in Buffalo NY

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by shanell swafford