Trench Warfare

Steffanie Leis

What was a trench?

A trench is a long deep hole were soldiers hid from fire. They were rat filled. Soldiers would get diseases from it. They would come out with lice. Most soldiers died in the trenches from sickness.

How long was a trench?

The trench is trench warfare started out at 400 miles but by the end of 1914 it was nearly 6,250 miles.

Weapons Used in Trench Warfare

Some weapons used in Trench Warfare are:

  • Grenades- Small Hand bombs
  • Mortars- Hollowed pipe that was used to fire a projectile at a steep angle.
  • Rifles- Guns.
  • Melee Weapons- Trench Knives, Trench Clubs, Pickaxe handles, Hatchets, Brass Knuckles, Spades and Maces.

Newer Weapons

Some new weapons were introduced during Trench Warfare. These weapons included:

  • Machine Guns- Took 4-5 people to use.
  • Poison gas- Either Chlorine or mustard gas was used.
  • Tanks- Was used in the first World War.
  • Planes- Used for delivering bombs and spying.
  • Torpedos- They were used by submarines.

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