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Lamborghini's are fascinating cars with high speed and awesome styles. Lamborghini's have a unique history from all the way from the 1960's. These cars have been known all around the world.

the first Lamborghini ever manufactured was the Lamborghini 350GTV, it was made in 1963. Lamborghini have many fast cars, but do you know of the fastest Lamborghini? It is the Murcielago R-GT with a top speed of 370 miles per hour. Also, in all Lamborghini's, each of there engine's have at least 750 horsepower. we all know that Lamborghini's are, but the most expensive is the Lamborghini Reventon which was sold for $1,600,000.

Over 500 Lamborghini's are sold every year but in 2007, Lamborghini sold over 2,580 cars which was the highest amount of merchandise they've ever sold, until recently. But in 2013, Lamborghini had achieved the highest mildstone of selling 3000 units of Huracan model in around 10 months.

Just think the greatness of Lamborghini all started with the founder, Ferraccio Lamborghini. These cars are truly fascinating aren't they? And the raging bull will never stop diving.