Ms. Collodora's News

Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 31


This week we practiced bossy r words.

Reading and Writing

We started a new unit this week on rights and responsibilities. We learned what both words mean and came up with a great list of rights we have as first graders! We learned 3 new vocabulary words: equal, talent and believe. WOW! We were able to make so many connections to those words and use them in describing sentences!

We have also been learning about problem-solution stories. We have been reading a lot of mentor texts to give us ideas and help us with our own writing! We read "A Bad Case of Stripes," "Waiting Is Not Easy," and "Enemy Pie." Next week we will start the challenging process of writing our own problem and solution stories!


This week we started learning about telling time. Now, telling time on a digital clock is quite easy, but when our classroom has an analog clock, things got a little bit tricky! We have been practicing and practicing and I encourage you to practice at home as well, if you have an analog clock! We learned about how to read time to the o'clock and the the :30. We also learned about estimating time. Brushing our teeth should only take us about a minute, while going for a bike ride or practicing basketball needs about an hour.


Our newest science unit has begun and we are learning all about INSECTS! We learned what makes an insect an insect, and we also fixed a common misconception: spiders are not insects! On Thursday, we had a special surprise: real live insects joined our classroom! We have 6 caterpillars and multiple mealworms! We will be watching and observing their life cycles! The best part is that none of the 1st graders know what a mealworm becomes as an adult! Don't tell them! :)

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Bailey was our Star Student this week.

Happy Birthday to Charlie! She had a spring break birthday, so we celebrated on Monday.

Congratulation to Mia, Cooper and Everett for being our STAR and Academic Students for the month of March! We celebrated on Thursday.

ALERT ALERT! WE will be having ONE more field trip this year, and I have NOT told the kiddos yet. However, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE you have you come if you can! In May, we will be taking the kiddos to the Como Zoo as a closing to our final study: animals and their habitats! I like to spread the word now so that if you do not have a background check completed and you would like to join us, you can get it done! Good thing is, once your background check is completed, it stays on file and you don't have to do one again :)

As I said, the more the merrier! It is a fun filled day and more information will come closer to date. PLEASE let me know if you have any questions!