Summer Self-Care

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Yes, It's a Practice. Even For Me.

Today was my day to indulge in some self-care: a chiropractic adjustment at Schafer's; a Mood Lift Infusion at the IV Lounge; a pedicure; and a bit of retail therapy. Whenever I get out and about, people often stop me to talk about yoga. "I really want to (start, get back...etc), but I just don't have the time." Hey, notice I even used the verb "indulge" above in reference a few things that are indeed important to my wellness. Maybe I could have skipped the retail therapy, but the point is that it's perfectly okay to unplug from the "shoulds" and "gottas" and pay attention to YOU!

I get it. And you think I'd know better. Today happened because our dear Lauren knows how to push the right buttons so I look in the mirror and tell myself what I'm constantly telling others: "Take care of you." "Send loving kindness inward." "Send yourself gratitude for taking time for you." Sound familiar?

5 Steps to Summer Self-Care

If you are like me and get lost in time warps, try these tips to enhance your self-care opportunities this summer:

1. Get an accountability buddy. Someone who will tell you (without apology) that it's time to downregulate, pause, move, breathe...whatever it is that you need. And commit to doing the same thing for them. That's what Lauren and I are to each other.

2. Make some time each day for you. If you have to, schedule it. Set a notification. Maybe it's a couple of reminders to pause, stand up, and take a few deep breaths. Schedule a class. Show up. If you can't, stretch and breathe for 10 minutes. Something is better than nothing!

3. Reach out. Connecting with friends and family is important to our well-being. Text (or call) someone you care about that maybe you havent' talked to in awhile. Let them know you're thinking of them. It will make their hearts shine (and yours, too!)

4. Don't beat yourself up. If you're setting self-care summer intentions and you find yourself neglecting them, just get back up and start again. Each day is a new opportunity to nurture yourself. Self-compassion is a beautiful act of loving-kindness.

5. Remember you are worth it. A recent retreat attendee told us that she had been so immersed in work and other responsibilities that she was barely aware of her senses. The day she spent with us helped her rediscover the colors around her, the aromas of spring, the joy of simply being.

Maybe this sounds like one of those silly lists from Cosmo, but the reality is that these things are important to our health and happiness. Are you willing to nurture you this summer?

Get IN2 Yoga this All Summer Long!

We have so many opportunities for you to practice yoga, meet new people, and fine-tune a positive, healthy life style:

1. Take a class in-studio. We have a number of wonderful teachers and a variety of classes for all levels.

2. Take a class online via Zoom. So many of our students now love this option!

3. Take an outdoor class. Outdoor yoga is so delicious! (see schedule below)

4. Take one of our workshops: Healthy Hearts, Lavendar Bliss, and others will be availabe this summer, great for a girls night out, or a date night!

5. Make an appointment for sound healing with Lauren Malone. You won't be sorry.

6. Set up an appointment for a private yoga session, yoga therapy, or Thai yoga bodywork with me.

7. Schedule a private group yoga session for you and your friends/family. At our place, our yours. We have two upcoming bachelorette parties coming up! What a cool way to celebrate the bride!

8. Ask us about teacher training (starting at the end of September).

9. Attend a Serene Soul Retreat. Request to join our private group on Facebook to learn more (photos are from our latest day retreat!)

10. Share your ideas with us! The studio space is available for book groups and more. Let us know how we can support your wellness journey!

Check Out Our Summer Outdoor Schedule!

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Check out the IV Lounge!

I mentioned above that I got a "Mood Lift" infusion today, which contains Vitam D, B12, B-Complex, Magnesium, and 500 mL of IV hydration. I also get regular injections of B12, B-Complex, and Vitamin D.

Pam is amazing. She listens to your needs, and provides information (without pressure!) on what would be best for you. Don't like needles? Honestly, I didn't even feel the IV today.

It really makes a difference for me. If you've wondered what it's about, come check it out! Let Pam know you heard about it here, and get 10% off your first service. Call Pam at 810-543-1066 for more information.