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MLCHS EdTech ShareFair

Tuesday, Dec. 8th @ 3:30p - 4:30p

This edition of EdTech Express will combine EdTech Tips and the Teacher Spotlight to introduce our first school-wide EdTech ShareFair. During the ShareFair, eight of Collin's teachers will provide 7-minute mini sessions/Q&A about how they are currently using technology in their classrooms. Please have an idea of which sessions you will like to attend before Tuesday; we will only have 1 minute to transition between sessions and you will likely only be able to attend five. See the brief descriptions below.

Individually Assigning in Schoology - Leslie Hulsey

Life happens… kids get sick, take 2 week vacations in Dubai or just need to attend a field trip. See how Leslie Hulsey “Keeps Calm and Carries On” when her students are out!

The Self-Paced Classroom - Becca Kehrli

Stop by this session to see how designing and implementing a self-paced structure has changed Becca's classroom. She will discuss her experiences in personalizing learning for her students.

Schoology Assignments: Maybe not PaperLESS but Definitely Paper-Efficient - Christine Hamm

Discover how Christine Hamm is avoiding the copy room rush by engaging her students in paper-efficient assignments. It’s not about the paper… but it’s definitely a perk!

Encouraging Student Choice Through EdTech Tools - Ben Nichols

For Ben Nichols, the Chromebook launch was like Christmas in September. In this session, he will discuss how his excitement led him to relinquish a lot of control in his classroom to give his students more choice.

Schoology Efficiency: New Students to Lost Papers - Melissa Baralt

There’s always ONE MORE THING... from new students to lost papers! Come see how Ms. Baralt is using Schoology to keep up with a teacher's ever-changing environment, create efficiency and meet student needs in her classroom.

Schoology Assessments: WHY? - Jessica Ruddy

Although Jessica isn't new to Schoology, the assessment feature has become one of her current favorites. Join this session to hear how she uses it in her classroom to be efficient and provide quick feedback to her students.

Online Assessments: Think Outside the Test - Nikki Canterbury

Join Nikki Canterbury as she shares what an online assessment day looks like for her and her students… Outside the test! This is all about the teacher experience on test day and setting classroom expectations for taking online assessments.

After the Assessment - Art Scrivener

Art Scrivener is familiar with the traditional use of Schoology Tests/Quizzes and yet he also uses it in a very non-traditional way to help his students remediate. Drop by this mini session to discover how he has his students reflect on their assessments.

Student Led "How To" Video

How to Link Your Google Drive Account to Schoology

How to Link Google Drive to Schoology Account