South Africa

Founded 170,000 years ago!

famous peaple

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Candice Swanepoel

brief history of south africa

south africa is full of life!

south africa used to be full of hunter and gathers, they farmed to make a living. But since the europeans come over and took over they have lost a sence of belief they used to have. the europeans gave themselves higher rights and made the africans have none to few rights.

they are tecnologicly advanced and some still live by there ancestors way of living.they used to be in a war with themselves because of aparthied, or complete seperation of races. a hero to the african peaple named mason mendela gave them hope and started protest and boycotts against the former ruler. he was cought and sent to prision for 27 years. Aparthied ended and a man names F.W. de Klerk released him. mendela became president and made great change. he resighned in 1999 and thabo mbeki is now in his place.

Places to visit


why come?

there is a large diversity of culture here in south africa. they are strong on there beliefs.

here in south africa they speak eleven differant languages and have many differant ways of living.

come out and see this wounderful and myserious place!!!