Harsh, cold winters and mildly cool summers

Subarctic Climate Location

Subarctic climates are located on large landmasses. They are usually at latitudes from 50°N to 70°N of the humid continental climates, subarctic climates are in the temperate continental climate regions.

Yearly Precipitation

Most subarctic climates have very little precipitation. They typically have no more than 15 inches of rain a year. Climates away from the coast usually only have precipitation in warmer months. Climates near the coast have their heaviest precipitation during autumn months.

Seasons and Temperature Range

Summers in the subarctic are short. They aren't very hot, they're cool. Winters are long in the subarctic. They are bitterly cold too.

Factors Affecting Climate

Subarctic climates are not close to large bodies of water, therefore they have extreme temperatures, either really hot or very cold. Their altitude is very high in small areas.