Scientific Revolution

Important People

Ptolemaic system

Earth Centered Solar System. Supported by Church.


First to discover Sun-Centered Solar System


Discovery that the planets move around the sun.


Discovery of 4 moons of Jupiter.


Law of gravitation.

William Harvey

Discovered full circulation of blood in the human body

Robert Boyle

Pressure and volume of gas

Margaret Cavendish

One of the first famous female science writer

Maria Winkelmann

Discovery of a comet in 1702

Rene Descartes

First modern Philosopher.

Francis Bacon

philosophical advocate and practitioner of the scientific method.

Who do you believe was the greatest Scientist of this Revolution? Why? What did they contribute? How did that change the world?

Newton is the greatest scientist because he created the law of gravitation and the laws of motion. He also made a breakthrough such as a reflecting telescope. With the telescope, we learn more and more about our solar system everyday and it better predicts the future.

Which scientist do you think is most remembered today? Why is that?

Issac Newton is the most remembered because we learned most about him and his accomplishments and ground breaking work. Everyone else's accomplishments are great and all but Newtons were world changing.