Gregor Mendel

By: Lacey Cole

Who he is

He is a monk who decided to study genetics! He discovered interesting things about our traits!

Early Years


  • Gregor Mendel was accepted into the University of Olomouc
  • He visited sick and poor people

  • He spoke a different language at home than at school
  • He couldn't pass tough teaching exams

Experimental design/Data

Experimental Design-

  • There was a 3:1 ratio of different peas
  • Peas would change color depending on their traits
  • Mixed yellow and green peas and it made all yellow peas
  • Mixed the yellow peas together from the first generation and it had some green
  • More long, green, and round peas than the other
What the data shows is that everyone gets different traits. Some traits get hidden so they are recessive with one person in the family but dominant to another.

Reactions of Scientists

Didn't care at first but later discovered his research could help them in a way nothing else could.


He died before he got recognition so the scientists who found his work made the foundation.


Dominant- gene that will overpower another gene

Recessive- gene that gets covered-up by a dominant gene

CoDominant- gene that is neither dominant or recessive (both show up)

Blue fish + Red fish =Blue/Red fish