uranus and spitzer


1.Where is _uranus_____ located in the Solar System? ____7__?

2.How long does it take for _uranus______ to orbit the sun (period of rotation)?

The planet Uranus rottes once every 7 hours, 14 mints , and 24 seconds every day.

3.How long is Uranus’ period of revolution? period of 84.017ehas a rotation of 0.718 earth day and orbits ath years.

What is the radius, 15,759miles (25,362 km) distance from the sun , and length of day of 1,89 billion miles

Describe gravity on uranus . the gravity of uranus is 8.69m/s2..

Compare gravity on uranus to gravity on Earth. The gravity of uranus is 8,69m/s2 and the earth gravity is 9,789 . the gravity of earth is longor then uranus .

What is the interior the inner core is liquid metallic hydrogen. The mantel is liquid hydrogen. The crust is ice and surface of uranus like?

Why is uranus interior and surface like this? the interior of uranus is made of methane ice

Compare the surface of uranus to the Earth surface.

the surface grevity of uranus isapproimate 8.6g m/s^2 and 0.89.

What gases make up uranus atmosphere? is made of ices

How many AU is uranus?Uranus is an avreg distent of 19.2 AU

Compare uranus atmosphere to Earth’s. uranus has 27 moon earth has 1 moon uranus has rings earth does not have rings

Is water present on uranus ?

uranus has water (which might de ice)

Does uranus have moons or rings? uranus has 27 moon and yes uranus has rings Miranda, Titania, Umbriel, Oberon, Ariel, Puck, Cupid, Caliban, Margaret, Stephano, Juliet, Desdemona, Ophelia, Bianca, Cressida, Belinda, Prospero, Cordelia, Sycorax, Ferdinand, Rosalind, Portia, Francisco, Perdita, Mab, Setebos, Trinculo

Describe the core of uranus ?

uranus has a rocky core

What are some myths (not true) things about uranus ?

the name uranus after deities in greek and roman muthology

How did uranus get its name? uranus got its name after the ancient greek god of the sky

What is the size of uranus?15,759 miles (25,362 km)

Compare a person’s weight on Earth to if they were on uranus

like my i weigh 180 and if i weigh my self is uranus i we weigh

What is uranus mass?the mass of uranus is 86.81E24 kg (14.54 Earth mass)

Is life present on uranus ?no because the gravity is too strong and extreme cold the temperature is (-270 degrees 7 to -380 degrees 7.

Is life possible on uranus ? Why or why not? no because the weather and the gravity is to hi



Who was apart of the mission spitzer?

When did the mission take place? launch date is august 25 2003

Where did the spitzer mission lift off take place? Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

What type of shuttle did the astronauts travel in?Delta 7920H ELV / Cape Canaveral, Florida

How long did the mission last?2.5 years

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