Runce Empowerment

[De] Termination

Minotauro Nogueira. "A man that the world would accept if he surrendered to defeat"

Minotauro Nogueira - Return to the Octagon

The Power to get back up and #tryagain

...It's all about perspective (The way you look at your challenge)

  • Hip Surgery in 2010
  • Two more surgeries after that..
  • Broke his arm recently
  • Was hit by a truck at 10 years old and could not walk
  • Admitted to the hospital for 1 year
  • Lost Achilles tendon in left leg
  • Lost most of his right lung
  • Lost his diaphragm (the breathing muscle)
  • Lost his liver and kidneys
  • He believed in the doctors work
  • After months, he began walking again.
  • Learnt that accomplishments do not come without hard work
  • Worked hard on all physical exercises and physical therapy
  • He had the desire to compete in the sport
  • Carried his "mote" throughout his life.

Don't keep your head down. Keep on fighting.

...Until you achieve your goals.

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