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Portfolio Preview Time

This Wednesday, your student will bring home their portfolio. This is a wonderful moment to celebrate your child's achievements and successes thus far. I encourage you to sit with your child as they “take you on a tour” of their work. As go on the tour, please look for evidence of academic growth to focus on. The purpose of the portfolio process is to analyze your child’s work for strengths and areas that need improvement. More than anything, this is an opportunity for your child to shine. I hope that you enjoy this process.

The Third Grade Portfolio is packed with items to review. Your student will only highlight pieces chosen to show their growth in. You are free however to enjoy reviewing the entire portfolio. All items must be returned in the portfolio. Thank you!

Included in the portfolio is a parent and student analysis sheet. Please complete the sheet and return it with the portfolio.. This sheet will be essential in setting goals for your student.

Portfolios are due back Monday, April 14th. For many of you, this is your conference date. It is imperative that you return the portfolio the morning of the 14th, so I can review your analysis sheet prior to our conference.

You may return the portfolio prior to the 14th. No homework will be assigned beginning Wednesday thru the rest of the week, so that you can focus on your child’s portfolio. If there is a family member who would love to see the portfolio, but can't over the next few days, a time can be arranged for you child to bring it home again.

Please remember, return the portfolio on or before Monday, April 14th. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support during the PSSA assessment. The students worked very hard! Thank you as well for the delicious snacks and water. You made their morning with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Portfolio Conference

Please check your chosen time. Your student will present a portfolio power point during the conference. During this time, your student will share their strengths, areas that need improvement, and their perception of the progress they made throughout the year. Your student is excited to "lead" their portfolio conference. With all of this to share, it is imperative that conferences stay on time. It is also essential that conferences not exceed the 20 minutes allotted. Thank you for your support.