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Hello Grace River Family

We've survived quite a few feats these past few months. We just want to express our greatest gratitude to all of you who have worked so hard at building the church. We understand that setting up and tearing down each Sunday can be tiring and tedious work. Know that Tina and I appreciate it so very much.

We understand that having a traveling church can also become tiring. Don't you just want a BUILDING! We all say AMEN! Never-the-less, it takes an army to run a traveling and mobile church. Please know that we see, and the God who sees, sees your hard work and will bless your efforts.

So let us lean on one another during our most difficult times. Let us grow together and strengthen one another. We all need encouragement, we all need to feel as if we matter, we all need love, and we all need each other.

New beginnings are upon us and like the sign says in our new building, "Your Journey Begins Here!" May it be so!

Blessings. Know that we love you!

Pastor Dave and Tina

We Have Great Things Happening At Grace River Church

  • Women's Bible Study - Going strong and changing lives.
  • Men's Bible Study - Learning and growing together as men.
  • Prayer Ministry - Going strong and PRAYING!
  • Children's Ministry - Maida is our new Director of Student Ministries. (If she can direct children's camp, just think what she can do for our students!)


  • Vivian Best is now doing our Hospitality - 970-381-8940
  • Michelle Kugler will be taking care of Announcements -


  • Our worship is up in the air right now, so please be praying about that and God's direction for that area. THANK YOU TO ALL THE WORSHIP LEADERS WHO HAVE STEPPED UP AND SERVED DURING THIS TIME.
  • Please continue to keep the pastor and his family in your prayers. It's easy to get burned out and overworked in this kind of setting. Pray for strength and encouragement.
  • Above all - continue to pray for one another.

Upcoming Events/Grace River Float in Severance Days

Friday, Aug. 15th 2014 at 5pm to Saturday, Aug. 16th 2014 at 3pm

Severance, CO, United States

Severance, CO

Severance Days

Grace River Float. Saturday 10:00am.

Inviting all church members to come and be apart of the float! Wear your Grace river T-Shirt. We will post more info as we get closer.

Quaker Ridge Kids Camp 2014

Sunday, our videos had some technical difficulties with our Easy Worship Program. Feel free to share and pass it on. Enjoy!
Grace River Kids Camp
Grace River Kids Camp 2014