Tech in the Classroom

opinions on how technology has helped in the classroom


Tech in the classroom has helped unify students and the teachers more. If a student forgets the assignment assigned in class, that student can now email the teacher to ask what the assignment was, or, if the student wants to ask another student for help or what the assignment was, the student asking will be able to make easy contact.


The reason for introducing tech into the classroom greatly improves the attention span of students who enjoy technology, as most students like to keep their noses in their phones. The student will always have their assigned computer with them during school, so no more late assignments, or reasons for forgetfulness. The only exception to this would be if the tech was somehow unreliable, and something went wrong with the assignment itself, but this rarely happens.


The student will always have access to Google Drive from any functional computer. So any location that has a computer, even a library, a student would be able to do their homework from anywhere.


Why the students not only benefit from the tech in the classroom, the teachers do as well. The teacher, who if not used to technology, will be forced to learn, yes. It is also beneficial, because it allows teachers to edit digital assignment projects, if change is necessary.


The Chromebooks used by many schools around the country, is a google supplied and licensed device. School can uses the simplicity of the Chromebooks to set up restrictions as to what a student can do in school. Minus that the computers have little internal storage, Google Drive offers 100 Gigabytes of storage to any registered member with a Gmail account. Despite having limited abilities, the Chromebooks is by far the best computer to be used in a school environment. The Chromebooks have also outshined the tablets in educational purposes.