Death Cloud

written by Andrew Lane, poster created by Jack Fezatte

About Death Cloud

Death cloud is a story about young Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery after he moves to his aunt and uncles manor. In this book Sherlock must find out who or what killed two seemingly innocent people. The only clue Sherlock has is that the two victims were covered in boils and yellow dust. Sherlock finds adventure, friends and fights while he works to solve this mystery.

How I Visualize Young Sherlock Holmes

old cap

suit like vest

dress shirt

dress pants

dress shoes

I imagine young Sherlock Holmes as a young educated kid from Victorian England

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What Sherlock Would Bring On Vacation

I believe the things that Young Sherlock Holmes would bring with him on vacation are

1. a map of where he is going because "Sherlock scanned the book looking for mentions of the River Wey, preferably with a map that he could memorize..."

2. his journal because the book mentions, "...the notebooks in which he had taken to jotting down ideas, thoughts, speculations, and the occasional tune that came into his head."

3. pain medication/first aid kit because "he lay in the dark for a while, not thinking, but just drifting back and forthwith the pain, waiting for it to recede."