Lackland Tech Bytes

by Dana Kickler (aka EdTechYoda), May 2016

The Hard Drive (info for long time storage)

Checking student iPads: As a part of regular iPad maintenance, you should be checking your student iPads consistently to look for issues or inappropriate apps/content. You will want to make sure you are checking the following:

  1. For the older students using email, you should open up their email account and see what they have been sending/receiving.
  2. Internet History - In Safari, tap the book icon in the top left corner. You bookmark list should include History. Tap on that and you will see the last 30 days worth of where the student has been. In Chrome, tap the three dots icon in the top right corner and tap History. Chrome lets you see 60 days worth. *Note: If it is blank, or shows less than the maximum days, they have been hitting the Clear button at the bottom, which is a good indication that they are hiding something they don't want you to see.
  3. Photos App - open the Photos app to see what they have been doing with the camera.

There's an App for That!

(classroom workflow solution)

RAM (action items)

Cloud/Server Storage and Backup

Don't forget to get your files backed up and/or migrated over to the mini pc for those of you who have the new ActivPanels, before the end of the school year. ALL of your files should be stored in your H drive (on our server) or in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive).

You all have a Google Drive account with unlimited storage, so there is no reason not to use it. And that way, you can get to your files and documents from anywhere in the world! If it is training you lack for this to happen, PLEASE invite me to one of your weekly team meetings, and I would be HAPPY to show you how this works. It is a lot easier than you might think!

Monitor (stuff to check out)

Zaption has put out an interactive video on one of my FAVORITE science videos: How Wolves Change Rivers. Check it out here:

Create your own Zaption interactive video with a free Zaption account!

I'm leaving Newsela for Elementary here again because I love it, and they just announced that they are releasing a special Texas version (aligned to TEKS) which will be ready for back to school this fall!

AND there is now an app! Read current event articles, take quizzes, and take notes or respond. This is a fantastic way to engage kids in nonfiction!

Processor (stuff to process and learn)

I will try to link a helpful tutorial video here each month.
Top iOS 9 Features for iPhone & iPad!

The full split screen feature is only available for iPad Air 2, which you don't have, BUT you can still do the 1/3 screen split. Also, some of these features are purposely blocked on student iPads, like Siri, so don't expect all of these features to work on student iPads.

Also, there is a "iPad Tips and Tricks" course in (free video tutorial library with your Bibliotech library card - if you don't have one, get the registration form from the library). To use, you go to the Bibliotech website: and scroll down to find "Lynda Training" under Active Learning. You will be asked for your Bibliotech card number and PIN (both of which you will get when you sign up), and then you're in! Search for "iPad Tips and Tricks" (not the one with "2010" in title). There is also a course for "iOS 9 New Features" that probably gets more detailed than the quicky video above from YouTube. Thanks to Cara Coffey for letting me know about this AWESOME resource!

And as always, let me know if you have any questions.

And lastly, if you made it all the way down here, thanks so much for reading and let me know what you think!

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