Trolling and Flaming

The Difference and What It Looks Like.


The Art of Trolling is know by many. It is the use of terrible english skills to insult many people. Such as an Example would be

"uR m0m iz a lozerLOLOLOLOL"

"rekt sonni boyee"


These people are trying to offend as many people as possible, compared to Flaming which is directed to one person. The reason people troll is for entertainment, as this Internet Plague does not present viruses and scams. These people are only looking for a reaction and can easily be avoided by not reacting to them and ignoring them or blocking them.


Flaming is the art of insulting you in a very mannered way, they will not use vocabulary that makes you question if they are in the Third Grade. They will actually present some intellect. They usually try to insult you by using methods such as this.

"Your opinion is as useful a tennis racquet thats not stringed. You are a stupid and should not be on this planet. You are not cool and your opinion on what the best song Taylor Swift made makes me want to kill myself."

-Jack Beanstalk

These people are also easily avoided as you can just ignore them or block them. They also are doing this for the reason of entertainment, as they pose no threat to wallet or your computer, just you feelings, so nothing much.