Team of Queens

Let's Beat our Best

Double points, second highest sales month of the year, warm(ish) weather!!!

I couldn't be more excited for May. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE double points. So much so that I think we can beat our best month (Nov 2013) in the number of trunk shows we book.

Here is the deal, in November we booked 25 shows and we are currently sitting at 12 shows for May. I know we can book 14 more! I want to book three so that leaves 11 for the team. What do you say??? Think we can pull this off?

Here is the fun part, not only will you earn your commissions (what would you do with $250-$1000 this month??), double points for Summer Splash (that bag is within reach), I will also do a draw for a STATEMENT NECKLACE OF CHOICE by the winner!

Want the Zora, she's yours. Been eying the Medina, you can pick her. Need to have the Pegasus, no problem. Want one from the Fall line, go for it. Whatever you pick, its yours!

Every show booked will get an entry. For those that already have May bookings, congrats, you already have a ballot.

Can't WAIT to see us reach this goal and will be so excited to send the lucky stylists their favorite statement maker.

How two calls a day has changed my perspective for the better

For those of you that were at the training last week with Danielle Redner, you've already heard this.....making 2 calls a day 5 days a week is the simple equation for long term success.

I will admit it, I HATE making calls. I love email, text, FB, anything but that phone. Not any more. I started making two calls a day and I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Instead of dreading the phone, I look forward to who I get to talk to. I feel more accomplished after two calls than sending 10 emails. I dare you to try it. Start with recent trunk show guests or on-line shoppers. Just reach out. By night three, I didn't even think about what I was going to say. I just went with it. I got a lot of voicemails and a few, 'thanks but no thanks' but in a week I booked one show. Not too bad for about 30 min of actual work!

Please Welcome - Dianne Forshner & Amber Hunt

We are so happy to have you ladies join us. Dianne lives in Elmsdale, NS and Amber, who joins Krista's team, lives in Milton, ON.

We have an incredible team of women and we are all here to support and share information. I hope you find your joy in this business!