An Overview of Mirrors


An Overview of Mirrors

Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs. These are the words of Charlie Chaplin. How true is that, when we see ourselves in the mirror it reflects our true selves, nothing more and nothing less.

So when the subject comes about mirror, there’s always been discussions about the material, glass, carvings, size and their quality, are raised. There are various types of mirrors available in the market and are designated into classes based on their own standards like makeup mirrors, wall mirrors, standing full sized mirrors, bathroom mirrors, venetian mirrors, decorative mirrors etc.

Quality standards:

The first question that comes into our minds after seeing any mirror is how was the quality of image that the mirror reflected, was it so brilliant that we barely recognised that it was the reflection or we saw our own selves. Yes, that is one of the perks of getting an excellent quality mirrors. The glass and polish used, are responsible for reflecting a brilliant image. Quality standards also covers the making of the mirror. As there is glass used, the edges are cleaved sophisticatedly to minimise the chances of any cut during the contact.


As mentioned above mirrors are of various types and are classified according to their size, utility and purpose. When it comes to the size of mirrors, usually a bigger size of mirror is preferred than its smaller version, as the sole purpose of a mirror is to reflect as much of the area as possible. The larger is the glass, the more of ourselves we can see in the mirror. Full length mirrors are either standing or wall mounted. A full length standing mirror gives your room an extra beauty especially when its boundaries are of steel or any other metal and have attractive carvings all over it. So this can also be used as a decorative mirror.


The solitary use of any mirror is to reflect the light. So, the mirrors are used to get glance of how do we look in the beginning of the day or during any time of the day. Apart from this use, mirrors can also be used in decorative purposes. Various fretworks are also be done on the glass to enhance the look of the mirror which in turn gives an elegant look to your room. This is a major thing that has to be kept in mind for the manufacturing of decorative mirrors.

There is a type of mirror called a splashback mirror. A splashback mirror is a tough reflecting glass which is impact, heat resistant and are generally used for kitchen, bathroom and commercial purposes. Splashback mirrors also come in various colours so as to fit the purpose accordingly.

At last, there comes a mirror which is used for cosmetic purposes, the makeup mirror. A makeup mirror is small, compact and portable mirror which can be carried in a purse, generally ladies do carry such type of mirrors inside of their handbags.

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