Tools In Scientific Investigation

By: Kelsey, Kennedy and Anna

Kinds Of Tools

Scientist use tools to see far away like binoculars and a telescope. They also use mass to measure how much of something is in something. Scientist also use temperature to tell how high or how low it is or the volume of the liquid. To see something close up you can use hand lens.

Tools in Scientific Investigations

Using Tools To Measure Change

If your ball rolled away you can use a ruler to measure the distance the ball rolled.

Using Tools To Communicate

If your friend was far away you could use e-mailing to communicate with them.
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Vocabulary Words

Data: Are pieces of information.

Hand Lens: Hand lens are also called magnifying glass. It also makes small things look larger.

Binoculars: Makes things that are far away look closer.

Telescope: like binoculars, but it makes things look closer.

Mass: Is the amount of material in something.

Anemometer: A tool used to measure wind speed.

Temperature: Is how hot or cold something is.

Volume: Is how much space something takes up.

Review Questions

What is Mass?

What tool can you use to see the moon?

What are binoculars used for?

What is another name for hand lens?