Chia Seed Lab

The effect of temperature on the growth of chia seeds

How does the temperature of an environment affect the growth of chia seeds?


If the temperature of the environment is changed dramatically, then the chia seed will not do as well as a chia seed in room temperature, because the extreme conditions will be too harsh for the plant to grow properly.

Control and Experimental Groups/Variables

Control groups
  • Room Temperature Seeds

Experimental groups

  • Incubator Seeds
  • Refrigerator Seeds

Controlled Variables

  • Amount of Water
  • Petri Dish
  • Paper Towel

Independent Variable

  • Temperature of environment

Dependent Variable

  • Germination of Chia Seeds in Different Temperatures

Extraneous Variables

  • Incubator or Refrigerator don't work correctly

What happened to the chia seeds in the refrigerator?

Day 1-8:

Besides the fact that the seeds expanded due to watering, no changes occurred, and no sprouts grew.


What wasn't taken into consideration was the fact that no light was given inside the fridge, so ultimately our data was incorrect. Instead of testing how temperature affected the growth of chia seeds, light was also not provided.


Based on the evidence we gathered, it is clear that in extremely cold environments, a chia seed will not grow at all. A plant in room temperature would be much more successful at a healthy growth.

What happened to the chia seeds in the incubator?

Day 1- 5:

Seeds expaned grew 5 sprouts. Each with a yellow bud at the tip. everyday the sprouts looked thinner and more grey.

Day 6-8:

Mold began to grow around one of the seeds. the sprouts had officially died. they stems were shriveled and curled, brown and dry. The buds that once were yellow were brown almost black. The seeds that had expanded without sprouting went back to normal size.


Although it took faster to germinate and more seeds grew a stem, the sprouts were unhealthy and died after a short period of time. Room temperature is the best way to go because its healthier for the plant and it can with stand it.

What Happened to the Chia Seeds in Room Temperature?


Day 1

- 3 green buds (1.5 to 2 cm)

- long roots

- seed expansion

Day 2

- 3 green buds (2 cm)

-long roots

- twisted sprouts

Day 3

-3 green buds (2.5 cm)

- long roots

- seed expansion

Day 4

-3 green buds (3 cm)

-long roots

-more seeds expanded

Day 5

-3 green buds (3.5 cm)

- thin roots

- seeds enlarged

Day 6

- 4 green buds (4 cm)(1.5 to 2 cm)-short

- 3 long roots and 1 short root

- seeds starting to enlarge more

Day 7

- 4 green buds (4.5 cm)(2 cm)-short

- long roots

- buds growing bigger

- seed expansion

Day 8

- 4 green buds (5 cm)(2.5 cm)-short

-buds getting bigger

- seed expansion

- long roots

Conclusion: Based on the results of room temperature germination, we now know that out of the three locations room temperature is the best one. The room temperature showed a lot of growth compared to the incubator and refrigerator results.

Furthering our Knowledge

To go beyond what we did, next time we could also see how well a chia seed will germinate outside.