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Designing Excellence the Wrangler Way!

Great Start to the School Year! Thank you!

As we come to the end of the "official" season of summer and get ready for October, we know many of you are feeling that sense of relief that you made it through the first few weeks of school . By now, you are getting the routines in place and balancing out the after school activities. Soon you will be conferencing with your child's teachers. While this may cause a little worry, you can rest assured that our teachers are always working hard to put your child's needs first. Our goal at Granger is to know all students by name and need so we will soon be having meetings with teachers to talk about every child. We are so thankful to be able to serve in a community that supports our mission to put kids first and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep our school the best in Texas.

Next week, Mrs. Buce, Mrs. Wallace, and I will be traveling to Washington D.C. to accept the National School of Character Award on the school's behalf. National Schools of Character are schools, early childhood through high school, that have demonstrated through a rigorous evaluation process that character development has had a positive impact on academics, student behavior, and school climate. These schools become part of a network of Schools of Character that serve as models and mentors to other educators and hold their designation for 5 years.

Our Fall fundraiser kicked off last week. Some of the funds will be utilized to purchase technology, classroom resources, our Kid with Character signs, student incentives, outdoor recess equipment, resources and supplies for a sensory lab.

Character Education at Granger

Character Trait: Responsibility

We are focusing on the character trait – RESPONSIBILITY – for this six weeks. Through announcements, morning meetings, and guidance lessons, we are highlighting not only what responsibility means but also ways we can practice this trait in our lives: Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Be diligent • Persevere • Do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act • Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes • Set a good example for others.

The guidance lessons for all grade levels will focus on making healthy choices for our bodies, minds, and behaviors.

The following article shares ideas for building responsibility habits at home:

Wrangler Round Up

The purpose of our Wrangler Round Ups are to celebrate students each six weeks. Last year a survey was sent out to parents and teachers to get feedback on ways we can improve our assemblies as well as continuing to make it a meaningful experience for our students. As a result of the feedback we received from many of you as well as our teachers this year's assemblies will look a little different. Teachers will be sending out specific details about their grade level assembly in their grade level newsletters.

Our first classroom round up will be on October 5th All students will be recognized in their classrooms. Kids with character will be invited to a principal's breakfast, given a yard sign to take home along with a printed certificate. This year part of our fundraiser money will be used for Kid With Character yard signs so that every winner gets to keep their sign. You will not have to return it or pay for it.

Round Up Times:

Kinder 11:20-11:35

1st 11:45-12:00

2nd 12:05-12:20

4th 12:30-12:45

3rd 12:55-1:10

5th 1:20-1:35

Perfect Attendance pizza drawing will take place on the morning of round ups. Each grade level will have 1 winner recognized during morning announcements on Friday Oct. 5th

Kid with Character: all KWC students will be announced during morning announcements the morning following round ups. Tuesday Oct. 9th

We will do a Semester Wrangler Celebration on Friday January 11th.

Kinder and 1st grade 11:30

2nd and 3rd grade 12:30

4th and 5th grade 1:30

We will recognize Kid with Character winners for all 3 marking periods during this assembly, but will not read the individual comments on each certificate.

Citizenship Grades

This year at Granger we are aligning our citizenship grades campus wide. The goal is to provide a positive environment with minimal classroom interruptions and set each student up for success by providing consistent expectations.

A student’s citizenship grades will be determined by their success with the expectations specified below. All students will start with a “Satisfactory” citizenship grade. They will be given the opportunity to earn an “Excellent” citizenship grade based on their daily work habits and behavior.

As we go through this change, please help your student understand that “Satisfactory” means they are performing at a proficient level. If your child receives “Excellent” in any area, that means that they went above the average expectation. This a significant accomplishment and they have truly excelled in a specific area.



  • Actively engaged
  • Goes above and beyond in daily work habits and behavior
  • Self monitors personal behavior and models classroom
  • expectation
  • Consistently contributes to the class
  • Promotes a positive classroom environment
  • Consistently models and encourages respect of others


  • On task most of the time
  • Is a member of a positive classroom environment
  • Consistently respectful to others
  • Exhibits work habits that meet the classroom expectation
  • Minimal reminders about personal behavior

Needs improvement-

  • Needs frequent reminders about behavior or work habits
  • Occasionally disrupts classroom environment
  • Behavior and/or work habits occasionally hinder the student’s learning or that of their peers


  • Student has been formally referred to the office
  • Often disrupts classroom environment
  • Behavior and/or work habits often hinder the student’s learning or that of their peers

September Teacher of the Month

We have amazing teachers at Granger Elementary and would love to hear all the positive things you have to say about our staff. One way we would like to continue to honor our teachers is to have our staff, parents, and students nominate a "teacher of the month". The teacher who is chosen will be recognized the last week of the month by our administrators. Please complete the google form at the following link by Friday, October 5th.

Progress Reports and Parent Conferences

1. Northwest ISD will utilize electronic report cards and progress reports through the Home Access Center (HAC) in grades 1-12. Electronic report cards and progress reports are designed to be convenient and easy for parents to access their student’s grades, while supporting the district’s efforts to reduce printing. Parents may request a printed copy of report cards and progress reports to be sent home with the student. Progress reports will be available after the third week of each grading period through the Home Access Center. (Note: During the first six weeks, progress reports are not generated for kindergarten and first grade students.)

2. The time period after the progress report but before the report card is an important period to monitor a student’s cumulative grade. At any time during this time period, if a student’s grade falls below 75, the teacher shall initiate parent contact within two days from the time the grade falls below 75 in any content area. Contact should be documented and kept by the teacher. Follow-up communication with parents shall occur by the end of the fifth week of the six-weeks grading period for any content area where a student continues to have a 75 average or below.

October 9th is the 2018-2019 Free & Reduced Application Deadline

If your children received free or reduced-priced meals last school year, they are automatically receiving the meal benefits for the first 30 days of the 2018-2019 school year. On October 9th, only students whose parents submitted a 2018-2019 application and qualified for the program, will receive free or reduced-priced meals.

At any time during the school year, you may apply for your children to receive free or reduced rate breakfast and lunch meals. If your household income changes or a new member joins your family, you may apply for the first time or reapply with the update information.

To apply online

· Go to

· Please follow the application directions carefully so your application can be processed quickly. If you have more than one child attending NISD schools, combine their names on one application.

· A new application must be completed each school year.

· An application cannot be approved until all requested fields have been completed and signed by an adult household member.

· If your Pre-K child was automatically enrolled on the free and reduced program, your other children will NOT automatically be on the program. You must complete an application for all other children.

Paper applications are available at all schools or at the NISD Food Service Office.

If you have any questions, please contact

Christina Day,

Free & Reduced Specialist,

(817) 215-0053

Emily Hamil

Marketing Manager

Northwest ISD Food Service - ARAMARK K-12

Reminder....please RSVP below or with the Office

Coffee with the Principal

Wednesday, Sep. 26th, 8am

12771 Saratoga Springs Circle

Fort Worth, TX

Please join us for coffee in the library. We will have a brief presentation, and then be available to answer questions about our school. We hope you can join us. Whether you are new to Granger or have been here for a while, all parents are welcome to attend. Please let the office know if you are planning on attending or click below to RSVP. Thank you.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Thank you to North Texas HVAC for providing our welcome back sign for the first two days of school! The Slagles are parents of Hayden Slagle.

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