Nepal Earthquake

Molly, Dawson, and Vanessa

Facts of the Earthquake

Saturday, April 25th, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ravaged the impoverished country of Nepal. In the days after there were aftershocks of 6.7 and 6.3 magnitudes. Right now the death toll stands at 5,057 people but there are fears it could reach over 15,000.

Widespread Effects of the Earthquake

Death Tolls in the Countries surrounding Nepal:

India: 111

China: 68 (fears of over 1,000 people dead in the Tibet region bordering Nepal)

Bangladesh: 10 (fears of 100 or more people dead in the Rangpur-Dinajpur region)

Pakistan: 0

Bhutan: 0

2004 Great Sumatran Earthquake


Magnitude: 9.0

Death Toll: 230,000

Tsunami included in death toll.

FACT: The Sumatran Earthquake was 15.85 times greater in intensity than the recent Nepal earthquake.

FACT: There were 15.3 times as many people that died in the Sumatran Earthquake of 2004 compared to the 15,000 expected to have died in Nepal.

1356 Basel Earthquake

Basel, Switzerland

Magnitude: 6.5

Death Toll: 300

FACT: The Nepal earthquake was 19.95 times greater in magnitude than the Basel earthquake of 1356.

FACT: 50 times more people died in the Nepal earthquake than the Basel Earthquake of 1356.

The Largest Earthquake in the World: The 1960 Chilean Earthquake

Valdivia, Chile

Magnitude: 9.5

Death Toll: 2,500 to 6,000 in Chile alone

FACT: The Chilean Earthquake of 1960 was 50.12 times greater than the Nepal Earthquake of 2015.


Follow this link to find ways to help out Nepal.


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