Galileo Galilei

The father of modern day astronomy

Background facts

  • In 1852, Galileo was on vacation when he started to study mathematics

  • 1574 is when Galileo started his learning career

  • Galileo's real aim was to make a sweeping account of the Copernican Universe and the new physics it necessitated


  • Galileo spent 6 years writing his dialog concerning the two chief world systems

  • Galileo was influenced in the establishing of the scientific method

  • Galileo was the mathematician to understand physics systematically

  • Galileo invented the first telescope

Interesting facts

  • In 1618, three comets appear in the sky, triggering further controversy between Galileo and supports of Aristole

  • In 1637, Galileo lost his eye sight due to an eye infection that he contracted

  • In 1589, Galileo, age 25, is appointed professor of Mathmatics at Pisa University

  • In 1593, Galileo began to investigate acceleration using an inclined plane

Impact on the world today

  • Telescopes keep developing, from his original model, into bigger and better ones (Ex. Hubble Space telescope)

  • Galileo left us with more knowledge that led us to more more knowledge about physics and mathematics

  • Galileo gave us more knowledge about modern day medical fields


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