New Zealand

New Zealand, the homeland of my ancestors

Have you ever heard of the country of New Zealand? New Zealand, the homeland of my ancestors, and is located just east of Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand is a unique country. From its high rocky mountains to its low lying valleys, New Zealand is very fascinating. Though the the country and its towns are small, they are rich in culture.

Regions and Geographical Features

New Zealand is a small country with an abundant amount of mountains. It may be only about the size of Colorado (103,883 square miles) but it's very active with a population of 4,471,000 million people. Since the country is far out in the ocean (southeast of Australia) earthquakes and volcanoes are possible in New Zealand. New Zealand is full of mountains and hills. Finally the country of New Zealand was made by isolation.

Climate and Weather

If you ever travel to New Zealand than you'll find out that New Zealand has a largely temperate climate, while northern New Zealand has subtropical weather during summer. Most of the country lies close to the coast which means mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and abundant sunshine. New Zealand mostly has hot summers and freezing winters. In plane alpine areas in the southern part of New Zealand can have winters as cold as 10 degrees Celsius.

Food and Traditions

New Zealand has a culture called Maori. The Maori culture is rich in tradition and legend, and forms an integral part of New Zealand community. The Maori people try to keep the culture every day. Some favorite dishes in New Zealand are, for example lamb, pork, salmon and many more. New Zealand has a national holiday called Waitangi, celebrated every February 6th. The celebration is for the British confirming New Zealand a separate country.

Completing this research helped me learn more about my ancestors coming from the small country of New Zealand. The Maori religion. The hot summers and the freezing winters.The high mountains and the low lying valleys. These are all main parts to this country, and although this country is small, it is truly unique. And maybe you could find out more about your ancestors?