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Look what is happening in 5th grade!

Veterans Day

Today we celebrated Veterans Day with a ton of activities. We wrote letters for Savannah's Soldiers, we made gifts and cards for the VFW, and we had a special message from my step-sister, who is a pilot in the Air Force. Please take time to ask your child about this holiday and what they learned from all of their experiences today.

Classroom Targets for the Week

* Math - we will be wrapping up Unit 3 and testing on Friday. I will be sending home an extra credit project that the students can work on as well.

* Reading and Social Studies will start to be combined as we get into our Colonial Unit. This week we will be reading about the first colonists and doing an inference lesson with Roanoke. The students will also be assigned to their colony and will start to experience just what it is like to be a colonist and have to survive the wild!!!

* Science we will continue our weather unit and learning about the different tools that we use to help predict the weather.

* Vocabulary - this week we are going to do a vocabulary focus around Veterans Day words. The student will take a vocabulary test on Friday. They have been given a menu to help them practice their words and it is also due on Friday.

Cafe Le'Book

If your students did not tell you they had a little surprise on Friday when they came back from lunch. They walked into a French Cafe where they "tasted" the books that will be offered for our Book Clubs. They then placed their orders and will find out today if they got their choice. I wanted to provide an opportunity where the kids were choosing their books and had genuine interest in what they were reading. It is just by chance that all of the books have a weather theme to connect us back to Science!
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Calendar of Events

PBS Assembly - Friday November 14th

Math Test - Friday November 14th