The Einsatzgruppen

Germany's Lethal killing Units

Who were they?

The Einsatzgruppen were SS officers whose job was to kill Jewish, Gypsies, and Soviets/Communists throughout Germany and wherever else Germany had laid its rule over. They performed mass executions in the name of Hitler's goals, adding to Hitler's Final Solution. The group was so effective that by the time the death camps had started already one million, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and Communists had been killed. They were in effect from the 1930s until the early 1940s when the Soldiers were seen to have taken such a mental toll that the camps were favored instead.

This image here is an example of lining up and executing, this brutal strategy was used for almost a decade, killing over a million people and changing the face of the world, but this was only the first step in in Hitler's dreadful Final Solution.

How did they perform the killings?

The Primarily way that they would kill their enemies were from shootings, primarily executions. Unlike many of the later tactics of removing the Jewish from their homes and taking them to Ghettos and Death Camps, the Einsatzgruppen came directly to communities to massacre the population of Jews in the area. They often took them to areas where they could be lined up and shot. (As seen in video below)

Important People

SS officers

Directed by Himmler, The SS were the primary members of the Einsatzgruppen, they performed the mass killings throughout Germans lands and even beyond.

Jewish, Gypsies, and Communists

The primary target in the Massacres, often seen as Germany's biggest enemy in the 1930s-1940s

These few Jewish people are at the sights of a Nazi soldier who it is assumed to be taking them away from there home, this is seen in the man with his arms up, you can tell who is who in the image due to the Star of David on the chests of the Jewish family.

Otto Ohlendorf

An example of a commander of a Einsatzgruppen division, he was later executed for his acts. Many others were tried and many survived but 7 leading officers were killed. These officers led the killing machine through Germany and eastward towards the Polish and Soviet Jewish.

Videos of the executions

The video shows an actual execution (graphic) and shows ho they prepared them usually over a ditch, they shoot them, and then bury them, and this was considered to be an efficient killing strategy. The way they do the killings is brutal and not humane but it continued into WWII. Over a million people were killed this way. You also notice how much the soldiers did not notice that the shootings they were doing really effected people, and it can be seen through emotionless they were.


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