Lesson 2 Chapter 11


Newtons 2nd law of motion

Newtons 2nd law of motion is acceleration depends on the objects mass and the amount of net force applied to it.Example:  one wagon with 5 blocks inside and another wagon with 10 blocks inside, if you pushed both at the same speed the wagon with 5 blocks would go farther and faster. The wagon with 5 blocks went farther and faster because it had the less mass then the wagon with 10 blocks. The object with less mass will go farther and faster. 

Newtons 3rd law of motion

Newtons 3rd law of motion is for every action force,ther is an equal and opposite reaction force. Example: if you through a ball at something it will bouce back. You throughing the ball is the action force and the ball bouncing back is the reaction force.


If you had two objects and one of the objects was lighter,the with more mass would go farther than the one that is lighter becuase more mass means more momentum. The lighter bject would go farther if more force is applied.Example if you through a baseball and a tennis ball at the same speed the base ball has more mass meaning the baseball has more momentum. The baseball will go farther. the tennis ball would go farther if more force is applied


if you were on the moon you would float because of gravity,not because your weight is way low. Newton says gravity can occur everywhere. Example if you had three things that were different in weight and you dropped them they would hit the ground at the same time, because everything on earth has earths same gravitational pull.


Is a feeling of having no weight. The pull from big objects like the sun is much weaker when an object is far away from them. Example the way a skydiver feels when its falling to earth is the way an astronaut feels in space.