Erotic Mindfulness 4 Men

Penis Meditation & Massage

Your Most Slowest, Most Softest, Most Sensual Penis Massage Ever.

Over a period of 4 years everyman who wanted to join any of my male massage groups on meetup was invited to answer a very pioneering question. Which was "how to you like to have your penis massaged". There has been nearly 3,000 replies. I have learned so much from each and every word. I have kept a list. There are 3 words that are predominantly more popular than any others. They all begin with "S". Slow, soft and sensual. This class is a celebration of that knowledge. Loving Kindness for your penis. Your Most Slowest, Most Softest, Most Sensual Penis Massage Ever. During this Erotic Mindfulness Penis Meditation Massage class You will experience.

  • Turning over to awaken the kundalini
  • The Big Draw Backwards Technique.
  • Erotic Touch from a mindfulness perspective
  • The Loving Kindness erotic meditation undressing ritual
  • The Two most important shishna blessing techniques
  • Anal Breathe and the Belly-Button Technique
  • The art of erotic mindfulness massage
  • Your Most Slowest, Most Softest, Most Sensual Ever Penis Massage

After a demonstration on how to give and receive this meditation massage, there will be an opportunity to practice with two different men. You always get to choose who you work with. Couples and single men, all welcome. We will be running the class in London : Sunday May 29, 5 pm. Click here to register and in Manchester : Saturday June 25, 2 pm. Click here to register.


Master Mind : Mr Cox is the "Daddy" of male massage in the Uk. He has provided pioneering opportunities for men to mind, touch and massage each other with trust, truth and respect for more than 25 years. He has the best reviews in London.

The Brotherhood of Pleasure

Touch is never random or rotational. You always get to choose. This “Brotherhood” is a safe space for all good men. Discover a new world of totally amazing pleasure. Indulge yourself in amazing manhood massage and meditation techniques. Learn in a relaxed loving masculine space, where every-man is absolutely accepted for who he is. Click here 4 more info

1-2-1 Male Massage Also Available

Mr Cox is a Taoist Masseur for men in Central London. He has more than 20 years experience. His other experiences include, Ex Sex Toy Designer(Nexus), Former Sex Worker of the Year(Erotic Awards London 2003).

Sensual Tantric Masseur in Central London : 07974 805666