The capitol of the world.

Heads up!

Better get your umbrellas and raincoats out! New York's precipitation is 80 mm. The two types of precipitation that NY experiences is rainfall and snow. Not just a little snow but just enough to cover your front step and car tires. The precipitation stays the basically the same. The Atlantic oceans is right around the corner. You know what that means? Cold, windy, snowy winters every year.

Average Temperatures

In New York state your average winter temperature is 41 degrees ('F). Plus the snow and the wind, so it feels like negative 41 degrees ('F) instead. Roaming around Central Park during the winter is so beautiful, sometimes you even forget about the cold, but you know what is even better? Central Park in the fall and spring. In the fall New York's average temperature is 64.3 degrees ('F). Lots of rain tho and very humid air. The spring is the best time of year to explore downtown. In the spring it's not very cold or hot. The average temperature is 60.6 degrees ('F) just nice enough to wear some cute cargo's or capris. Summers in New York State are very hot. Good for a day at Coney Islands beach and amusement park or a visit to John Beach. A average summer days temperature is 82 degrees 82 ('F). Very Calliente.


Did you know that the Atlantic ocean is near New York State? The Atlantic ocean causes lots of winds and blizzards, so maybe your summer won't be as hot. During the winter the wind can sweep you off of your feet and feed you to the dragons. Just kidding, but the winds sometimes are really strong. The average wind speed In New York is 55 mph. The winds during hurricane season get even stronger. Sometimes they are even dangerous. The Atlantic ocean and Hudson river causes these rough winds. They also cause blizzards from the oceans surface. Better get those scarfs, hats, and heavy jackets out!

Normal Year in the city

When you spend a whole year in New York you'll learn that New York's temperatures change in just one night. You can go from a hurricane or thunderstorm to a beautiful sunny day. When hurricanes happen in New York people shouldn't park their cars in front or near trees. They should also make sure their house windows are strong. Hurricanes don't happen very often, but you should always be prepared for one! Or from a blizzard or hail storm to a freezing rainy day. Or in the summer you can go from low 70 degrees ('F) day to a 105 hot humid day. Weird right? It's like if mother nature were bipolar. Bipolar temperatures can cause people to get sick. So be careful.


Well now you know what to expect, weather and climate wise. New York State winters are very beautiful, especially during the holidays. The summers are very hot, but there is a lot of things to do. Same goes for the fall and spring. Think about moving to New York State, so you can experience lots of different weathers, temperatures and climates. It'll be fun!