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Slow wifi Issues in Class

Ensure all student phones, Chromebook carts or other wifi connected devices are off or disconnected from wifi. This will improve broadband speed.

Other Solutions:

  • Turn off iPad. Turn back on, to reset
  • wifi connection - "Forget network". Reconnect.
Step 1: Go to “Settings”

Step 2: Tap “WiFi”

Step 3: Tap the “i” next to “Lindale_ISD”

Step 4: Tap “Forget network”

Step 5: Tap “Forget”

Step 6: Go back in and choose the Lindale_ISD network

Google Classroom HInts

  • Be sure all students have downloaded the Chrome app from the LHS App Catalog.
  • Make sure students go into the app and have 'synced' their data to their iPad.
  • All Google products must be loaded individually from the app catalog to operate correctly with Google Classroom.

Work "disappearing" when submitting? A few things to try:
  1. Was the "save" check mark checked before submission?
  2. Did student tap "Go Back to Google Classroom" (upper left) to make submission?
  3. Was the Doc correctly opened from Google Classroom?
  4. Did student "attach" or "create" Doc to assignment correctly?

Google Classroom Not Connecting/Updating

Option 1

Restart the device and see if the assignment reloads

Option 2

Follow the instructions under “Wifi/Connectivity issues”

Option 3

Instruct students to disconnect from other devices (phones, etc.) so there is no bandwidth issue

Possible Work-Around

Go to the Google Classroom website through Chrome instead of the App

There's an app for that! LHS Instructional Technology Quick Reference List

Heads Up Hint

Need students to download an app?

Announce a day or two before app is needed or post in Google Classroom. Have students download app before class to avoid slow down loads or bogging down during the loading process and class delays waiting for apps to load.

LHS App Catalog

FAQ: LHS Research Databases

Login info to access most LHS Destiny Research Databases:

Username: lhseagles

Password: lhseagles

Remember: Some databases will have TWO separate logins. One, to get into the web program AND a different student account login.

Student Account Logins:

Use your school Google/Gmail account username & password to create these accounts. (U: PW: lisd+iD #'s.

Ex. U:, PW: lisd1234

Frequently Asked Questions:

LISD Technology Helpful Explanations:

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Helpful Google Troubleshooting/Tutorial Videos

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Google Chrome on an iPad

Google Drive on iPad

Google Docs, Slides & Sheets on iPad (good instructional video tool to show students when introducing these elements. )

Google Classroom on iPad

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