Me, Myself, and My Diet

A. Aliwa

Obesity in the US

It's no secret that the US holds the largest obese population in the world. Approximately 30 million people in America have either type one or type two diabetes. Most of those with type two are overweight or obese. The leading causes of obesity are; lack of energy balance, an inactive lifestyle, the environment in which a person lives, genes/family history, and health conditions. Some other causes can be age, lack of sleep and emotional factors. All of these can cause a person to over-eat or gain weight rapidly.

Obesity by age:

35.7% of adults in the United States are obese

20% of youth in the Unites States are obese

Daily nutritional needs of the Average 14 year old (Female)

After some extensive research, I was able to find the daily nutritional needs for the average adolescent.

Calories: 2,403

Total Fat: 57-79g

Saturated Fat: 16g

Cholesterol: 300mg

Carbohydrate: 130g

Protein: 46g

Sodium: 1500mg

Have I been meeting those requirements?

For a week, I recorded information on the foods I ate each day. I also recorded the amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and total fat in each food I ate.


Total # of Calories: 1427

Total # of Carbs: 112.87g

Total # of Protein: 67.36g

Total # of Fat: 222.81g


Total # of Calories: 2549

Total # of Carbs: 255.57g

Total # of Protein: 120.11g

Total # of Fat: 108.18g


Total # of Calories: 2949

Total # of Carbs: 356.19g

Total # of Protein: 134.83g

Total # of Fat: 134.83g


Total # of Calories: 957

Total # of Carbs: 101.41g

Total # of Protein: 36.55g

Total # of Fat: 46.93


Total #of Calories: 2364

Total # of Carbs: 233.64g

Total # of Protein: 119.93g

Total # of Fat: 107.44g


Total # of Calories: 2086

Total # of Carbs: 261.2g

Total # of Protein: 90.3g

Total # of Fat: 75.31


Total # of Calories: 1714

Total # of Carbs: 132.5g

Total # of Protein: 131g

Total # of Fat: 72g

Average vs Reccomended

My average nutritional intake per day:

CALORIES: 2006.6

CARBS: 203.24

PROTEIN: 100.01

TOTAL FAT: 109.6

What does this mean?

Based on my data and the recommended nutritional needs for adolescents my age, I can conclude that if I continue with my current eating habits, I may suffer from some health problems later in life. Although I am doing okay with my daily calorie intake, I am eating a significantly larger amount of the recommended fat, carbs, and protein. An average 14 year old needs about 46 grams of protein per day. I am eating twice as much, which is quite unhealthy. The same goes for carbs and the total fat per day, I am eating twice as much than what I should eat.

Based on several tests with a BMI calculator, I am already obese for someone my age. If I continue this way, I might suffer from some very dangerous health problems. Some of these being Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Respiratory issues. By paying changing my diet and doing some light exercises, I can lose and maintain a healthy weight. I'd rather not be a part of a statistic.

"The good kind of food"

A healthier me, a healthier country

By following our recommended daily nutritional needs and promoting healthy eating, we can not only be a healthier country, but a happy one too! By eating healthier and doing light workouts, we reduce the risk of chronic diseases in our bodies.


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