TGMS Updates

February 10, 2020

Calendar Reminders

Feb. 12 No School, Professional Development

Feb. 17 Full Classes - make-up day for "snow day"

TGMS Kindness challenge

TGMS Families:

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to spread as much kindness to the Pickerington community as possible! During the month of February, you will be challenged to do an intentional act of kindness.

First, pick your target (those who will receive your kindness), then decide on a kind deed or act to perform for them. Leave our “calling card” and take a picture on site. Email your picture to Mrs. Saksa ( or post it on Twitter using #TGMShines. Be sure to @TollGateMiddle and @Mr._Stiel when posting.

You are invited to report back to TGMS on Thursday, February 20. We will “give back” to you by providing pizza for dinner from 6-7:00 pm.

Below is a link for a Sign Up Genius that will help us to plan for dinner. There is a calendar, as well as a Pinterest link to help you get inspired. We are counting on you!!!

Sign-up Genius

TGMS is holding a food drive February 10-February 21. Items will go to the Pickerington Food Pantry.

Items needed:

Boxed Dinners Soups Canned Pasta Stews

TGMS is collecting items to make “Caring Bags” for the homeless.

Items needed:

Travel size items: deodorant, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, tissues, wet wipes, soap, shampoo

Other items: individual toothbrushes, bandaids, $5 gift cards to Wendy’s/McDonald’s, gum, mints, hand warmers, socks

Sixth Gr. Lunch with a Shining Star

Parents, grandparents or a "shining star" are invited to a special 30-minute program in the classroom with lunch to follow. All classrooms will have an opportunity to participate. Students should bring an invitation home soon. The Spring luncheons will include the following classrooms:

February 25, 2020

11:30 Green Team - Griffith/Murphy/McDonald

12:00 Yellow Team - Burns/Goldsberry/Porter

February 26, 2020

11:45 Red Team - Ramsdale/Ulbrich/Watkins

12:15 Orange Team - Bentley/Drummond/Mansfield

Be sure to visit the Book Fair after you enjoy lunch with your student!

Parent/Teacher Conferences in March

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held in the evenings March 5 and 10 from 4:15 - 7:45 pm. Conference forms will be sent home with your student soon. Additional forms are available in the school office.

COSI rescheduled

Due to the "snow day" February 7, the COSI field trip for the following 5th grade classes has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 4:

Mrs. Muck/Mrs. Schleichert

Mrs. Kemmerer/Mrs. Rohr/ Mrs. Roop