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Week of March 9th- March 13th

Reading/Language Arts

This week we will be working on taking our reading to the next level by using various strategies that help us to understand a text. Strategies such as using graphic organizers, question answer relationship (QAR), generating questions, and summarizing can help students make sense of text.

Spelling: Unit 20:

* identify and relate words

* pattern practice

* add suffixes to make words

( test on March 13, 2015)

Caesar's English:


Words: Placate, Derision, Vivacious, Procure, and Retort

Test( test on March 13, 2015)


Read 35 minutes

Spelling: Unit 20 pages 135-136


Next week we will begin to study the field of engineering. Please bring in a shoe box for an awesome engineering project.


We are continuing to work on memoirs. Our focus for this week is to continue editing, focus on small moments, and revisit drafts. Three weeks to go!


In math, students will be working on multiplying fractions using equations and area models. The Unit 4 pretest will be held on Monday and Tuesday.

Please see links:



In 6th grade math, students are working on writing and evaluating expressions (multiplication and addition) and true and false number sentences.

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Math Homework:

Wright Math Homework:

IXL http://www.ixl.com/math/

6th Grade: Daily Math Homework, Exit Slip, Packet(s) Due Friday, Problem set, and

IXL, and also 2.0 Math Practice.

Check Out These Websites!

http://scratch.mit.edu/ Coding

https://www.tenmarks.com/login Math Practice

http://www.coolmath.com/ Math Practice

http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/ PARCC practice tests

https://www.khanacademy.org/ Math Help ( If you need help with math)

Upcoming Events

PARCC Testing: March 9th- 27th

PARCC Letter

March 3, 2015

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Thank you for all you do to support your children in their academic development. Woodridge District 68 students in Grades 3rd - 8th will take the “PARCC” (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) to measure your child’s progress in math and English/language arts. In class, we have worked with your child on ELA and Math practice tests, but feel free to encourage your child to visit http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/ for additional test preparation.

The most important thing that you can do for your child during testing time is make sure that he/she comes to school on testing days. Making up a missed test means time out of classroom and missing valuable learning time that cannot be made up. In addition to attendance, your child will do his/her best on the tests if they:

· take the tests seriously and give his or her best effort,

· get to bed early the night before to be well-rested on the day of the test,

· have a healthy breakfast at home or in the cafeteria,

· come to school on time.

The actual testing dates and times for 5th grade are as follows:

Tuesday, March 10th



Wednesday, March 11th



Thursday, March 12th



Monday, March 16th



Thursday, March 19th



If you are interested in writing an encouraging message to your child in a note or card, please send it in a sealed envelope or send it as an email to your child’s teacher. Letters or cards will be delivered to your child the first morning of testing.

Thank you for supporting your child and our school during this test. Please contact us if you have any questions.

5th Grade Teachers,



More information about PARCC is available at http://www.parcconline.org/for-parents


Our AR (Accelerated Reading) goals will have to be met in 3 weeks! I hope everyone passes their AR goal!

Keeping Us Up to Date!!!!

Rishendri C.