Friday Notes for LMS Staff

September 8, 2017

Link to Lion Share (Parent Newsletter)


  • Reminder, I have some clips for those students who would prefer no lanyards. They do have to wear them above the waist.
  • Students do not have to come get a sticker in the sign in the system if they forget their PRIDE card. They just do not get their privileges.
  • Privileges for students with PRIDE cards:
    • Cell phones (using red light/ green light)
    • snacks in class if allowed
    • headphones (with one ear bud out)
    • Hat day this Friday
  • Students need to wear their PRIDE cards around their necks. I do have some clips for students who would rather have a clip. The clips must be worn on their shirt so we do not have to search for their cards.
  • It will probably take a little while for students to remember to bring their cards. Let's help remind them and maybe help them with organizational strategies. For example, some students may need to put their PRIDE card in their locker when they leave for the day and retrieve when they get to school. They do not have to have a PRIDE card on the bus, etc.
  • As items come up, write down your questions for us to clarify and discuss.

Upcoming Meetings:

Monday: Leadership

Wednesday: Work it Wednesday- PLC for all departments (Explo optional this week) & Department Meetings in the AM (see your department chair)

Lion Share Classroom Activities

Do you want your classroom activities features in Lion Share (parent newsletter)? Take pictures and send me an email. I will check to make sure students can be pictured. Send the hour and short description.

ID Requirements

It is a district requirement that every employee should be wearing their ids. I have some of the new NPS lanyards or clips if you would like one. If you lose your id, let me know.

PTA Support

Our PTA will be assisting with a $50 grant for your classroom. You may submit receipts to the PTA box with your name or you may go to Copelins Office Supply store where your name is on file. Forms will be coming soon.

To join PTA, see Linda for the forms. It's only $6 for a teacher membership and includes a shirt.

Free Stuff!

See Lynne for your $50 Mitchell Jewelry gift certificate, NPS t-shirt, and NPS lanyard.

NPSF Grants

Are you wanting to do a special project or need something for your classroom? Check out the Norman Public School Foundation Grants for Teachers!


Just a reminder if you would like to apply for a grant or you are receiving any items from outside of school, please look at the procedures from the district.

Update on Safety Drills

Nice job on our mega drills through Den Time the past few weeks. There was one clarification point that we discovered in our last drill. You will need to report that you are missing a student even if they were absent for your class that day. The office will then check attendance records to determine if the student was absent from school all day. That way we don't "miss" a student that was in the restroom or the office.

Smile Pretty!

School pictures are this Friday through science classes. Try to make it down to have your picture taken for the yearbook.


All Marzano goals are due on October 20th in iObservation. There will be time in PLC to work on goals.

September 11 Awareness Activities

The social studies departments have prepared announcements for tomorrow morning. Please be aware that we will be interrupting classes periodically in the am.

Conferences for this year

Please submit the professional conference form if you are interested in attending conferences or professional meetings this year. Submitting the form does not mean you are guaranteed to attend, but it will help us in designating our budget for the year.

PTA Liasion

We are in search for a staff member that can be our PTA liaison. PTA board meetings are only once a month for about 1.5 hours in the evening. This year meetings are on Wednesday pm.

You need this t-shirt!

Join PTA for just $6 and receive this shirt for FREE! If we have 50% participant participation of all staff this year, then I will buy those participants a special treat. Help us to reach our goal! See Linda Moles for the form.
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GCN Updates and Due Dates

The Global Compliance Network (GCN) server update is complete and you may begin working on your 2017-2018 annual required Professional Development. The following trainings are required for ALL staff, certified and support.

Compliance Training on GCN

  • Internet Safety (due by 10/20/17)
  • Digital Security and Protection (due by 10/20/17)

You will be able to view your required tutorials at the following link:

Click on "Login to view training."

  • Click on “existing user”
  • The Organization ID is "norman" (lower case)
  • If you are a new employee for the 17-18 school year, your “Personal ID” will be your 5-digit EID#

The program will list the tutorials you are required to complete.

Your administrator will have access to a report of your tutorial completion. It is not necessary to print your certificate of completion unless you would like it for your personal records.

If you have any issues logging in, please contact Dawn Denton at the PDC. or 366-5856