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November 8, 2013

Special Guest Coming to the HS Media Center 12/6!

Cartoonist Chris Yambar will be visiting the High School on December, 6th from 12-2pm.

He has written numerous stories for BONGO COMICS and has contributed to nearly every title the company produces including RADIOACTIVE MAN, THE SIMPSONS COMICS, BART SIMPSON’S TREE HOUSE OF HORROR and, of course, BART SIMPSON COMICS. He has even been included in the 2002 SIMPSONS MANIA card set where his painted Ralphy Wiggum card can be found in the Bart Gallery subset!

Visit the HS Media Center on December 6th anytime from 12-2pm to hear Mr. Yambar.

More information can be found on his website

Common Core Websites to Check Out!

I found a few Common Core sites that I feel are worth mentioning.

Common Core Sheets – (grades K-7) Common Core work sheets for Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts. The work sheets are aligned to Common Core, easy to grade, and include a scoring rubric. This site also includes modified worksheets to better meet the learning needs of exceptional students.

National Math & Science Initiative – (grades 4-12) This site contains free Math and Science lessons that are easy to download and use in your classroom as well as links to other Common Core resources. (click on the “Free Lessons” link on the left)

Achieve the Core –(grades K-8) Downloadable lessons, assessments, curricular tools, and professional development resources for Math and Literacy.

Math Worksheet Land—(grades PreK-12) This site offers downloadable and printable worksheets and assessments on a variety of Math topics aligned to Core Standards. You can search by grade level or topic.

Kids Know it Network – (grades K-12) This site has resources that are geared more toward the lower grades but includes links to other potentially helpful sites. This site is a little awkward to navigate but it contains such a variety of resources that it is work checking out.

I hope these help when you are writing your lesson plans.

--Mary Ann Smiley (

InfOhio-- Free Tools to Help Teach Research Skills

This information is from InfOhio.

If you've ever taught research, you know that presenting all the steps involved in even a simple research project in a way that doesn't overwhelm students can be daunting. And if you're one of the thousands of teachers statewide who for the first time find themselves responsible for teaching this complicated skill to meet Ohio's New Learning Standards, you may be wondering

Start with INFOhio (, of course. Not only will you find the research databases we've offered for years, but you'll also find online sites with comprehensive guides to help you introduce research concepts to your students. Take a look at a few of them below.

IMatrix. This site is a great place to start because it lets you search by standard or by grade level, subject area, and inquiry skill. You can easily see how standards relate to each other across subject areas and how they build on one another from grade to grade. You'll find dozens of articles, websites, and assessments to help you help your students meet research standards.

Research 4 Success. While R4S covers the same topics as GO!, it's an actual blended learning course, complete with objectives and assessments. You can download R4S within your learning management system to use as a graded course, or you can use it straight from the website. Because it goes into more depth and covers more sophisticated research skills, we recommend R4S for juniors and seniors. As with GO!, R4S comes with a thorough Teacher's Guide to help you make the most of the tools.

Both R4S and GO! can be used from start to finish, or you can use just the sections that you need.

If you're an old hand at teaching research and want to design your own program, be sure to review these research tools, many of which provide their own research guides:

Searchasaurus, KidSearch, and World Book Kids for elementary students.

Student Research Center (6-8) and World Book Student for middle schoolers.

Student Research Center (9-12), World Book Advanced, and World Book Academic for high schoolers.

You'll find those and many other specialty research tools, such as Science Reference Center and Points of View Reference Center, at

Media Center Resources

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