Lowell Memo: Issue #32

June 1, 2018

Published by Lowell School & the Lowell PTA

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Registration for the 2018-19 School Year is Open

Registration for the 2018-19 School Year opened today, Friday, June 1. To register your child(ren), login to your ParentVUE account and complete the following 3-step process for each child:

  1. Review, update and confirm student permissions, contact information, Military-Connected student status, Incoming Kindergarten Early Childhood History and general student demographics.
  2. Review fees and select a payment option.
  3. Confirm you have reviewed/updated student information and processed fees

You can also access ParentVUE from the District website, www.cusd200.org, or on the homepage of any school website. If you cannot remember your password for ParentVUE, you can reset it on the ParentVUE website. If you have questions with registration, please visit our website, email webreg@cusd200.org, call 630-784-7396 or contact your child’s school.

Military Connected Student Status
Beginning last school year, Illinois School Districts are required by the State of Illinois to collect Military-Connected student data as part of the Every Student Succeeds ACT (ESSA). Collecting this data is now a required part of registering your child(ren) for the new school year. Details regarding indicating a student as a Military-Connected student can be found here.

Fee Information & Waiver
A complete list of 2018-19 Student Fees can be found here. To apply for a waiver of fees for the 2018-19 School Year, please review information on our website for instructions and necessary documentation. Applications for the National School Lunch Program will be available after July 1, 2018.

Health Requirements
Physical examination and immunizations are required before entering school in specific grades. Health requirement information can be found here. All documentation should be submitted to your school nurse as soon as possible and is expected before the first day of school. If you have questions, contact your school nurse.

High School Athletics & Activities Registration
Please find athletics registration information on Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South’s websites. Note that there are additional health requirements and due dates for participation in high school athletics. Confirmation of having read the CUSD 200 Co-Curricular Code, IHSA Key Provisions Regarding IHSA Rules and Student Athlete Consent to Treat-(Wheaton North Only) are required as part of Athletics registration.

Text Notifications
All schools have the ability to send text notifications to parents. To opt-in to text notifications, please make sure to list a Cell Number in your ParentVUE account. To check if you have a Cell number listed, look within your ParentVUE account under the “My Account” tab. Even if you have a cell number listed as your home number, you will still need to add a number to the Cell field in order to opt-in.

School Organizations
Before you leave registration, please make sure to sign up for your school PTA or Booster Club. During the registration process, you can make a donation to our District's education foundation, the Student Excellence Foundation, by adding to your fees.

Please register your child(ren) and pay any necessary fees by June 30. If paid after June 30, fees increase by $10 per child. For questions regarding fees, please refer to the posted fee schedule.

Carlson's School Supply Kit ordering is open until June 18! Click the link below to order!

Lost & Found

The Lowell Lost & Found is very full! Please stop in between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to claim your lost items!

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A limited number are available for $16. Email greg.olivia.evans@gmail.com to place your order!

Lowell Flags needs you July 4!

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2018-19 Staffing and Section Updates

Please note the following information regarding the 2018-19 school year:

  • Our current enrollment supports 2 sections of Kindergarten and Grade 5. We anticipate 3 sections of all other grades. We will closely monitor enrollment leading up to the start of school to ensure we are properly staffed and prepared for the children's arrival!
  • The following staff changes are anticipated within the school: Mrs. Moone will move to Grade 1 & Mrs. Rowley will move to Grade 4.
  • We thank the following staff as they move on to new adventures: Mrs. Kaczmarski, Mr. Weaver, Mrs. Amy Nickels, & Mrs. McCulloch.
  • We wish Mr. Chris Doyle well as he moves to two different District 200 schools.
  • We wish a happy retirement to Mrs. Betsy DeBiase.
  • We welcome Mr. Mike Klos to the Lowell band program.
  • We welcome Dan Fry to Lowell PE.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Melton. You may contact her through the office or via email at kathleen.melton@cusd200.org. Thank you!

Thank you for your help with Discovery Day 2018!

Since this is the last newsletter of the year, we wanted to say a special thank you for your help with Discovery Day! It truly is a team effort in every way! A very big thank to those who can not join us, but donated much needed supplies, as well as to the following people who are donating their time and talent to make this a memorable day for all students:

Sara Adam * Cindy Adams * Heather Amwoza * Alicia Armstrong * Brady Barnick * Laura Baumann * Brita Beitler * Jim Beitler * Megan Burke * Mary Carlson * Cathy Cebry * Mariah Cericola * Melissa Chiappini * Carey Coppoletta * Theresa Diedrich * Olivia Evans * Deb Farrell * Renee Fitzgerald * Jen Fitzpatrick * Betsy Freckleton * Amy Garza * Chris Gilbertsen * Gladys Goeringer * Becky Graziano * Amanda Grudzien * Raul Hernandez * Hannah Heth * Nikki Hildreth * Colleen Hinrichs * Anne Holman * Maureen Dawson-Hurst * Dave Hurst * Lisa Johnson * Sunny Jonas * Colleen Kaczmarski * Allison Kile * Soohyun Kim * Andrea Koziarz * Valerie Kral * Laurie Kraft * Melanie Krutcheon * Pam Kurtz * Renee Kuta *Charlie Landeros * Bridget Lesko * Julie Locke * Laura MacLeod * Andrea Maldre * Lauri Malee * Cristy Marchis * Eleanor McNear * Anne McDonald * Kathy Melton * Cynthia Mielke * Niki Miklautsch * Mary Anne Minser * Jacki Moone * Kristen Moore * Mary Jane Neri * Deb Noonan * Taylor Nicolay * Kristen Page * Linda Raffel * Amy Rainville * Amy Reeves * Mary Reynolds * Chistina Riccelli * Karen Rood * Pam Rowley * Julie Rusin * Erin Swisher * Rachel Ties * Ali Thomas * Brooke Thurston * Steve Thurston * Jo Turner * Ramona Turner * Denise Uthe * Jessica Weldon * Christina Wilke * Christine Williams * Kelly Woods * Bryn Wulf * Bailey Hunt * Sage Youngstedt * Kim Zielinski *

** And thank you to all the teachers and staff who will be guiding children to their correct activities, allowing us to use their classrooms, and in general, happily embracing all that is Discovery Day!**

Thank you to the following businesses who generously donated their time:

Barone’s Pizza Glen Ellyn * Canine Companions for Independence * Chicago Ninja Academy * Dupage Cheer and Power Tumbling * Fermilab – Mr Freeze * MOVES Dance Studio * Play-Well Teknologies * Wheaton Police Department * BR Ryall YMCA * Learning Express - Glen Ellyn * The Sipping Muse * Superstar Karate * Victory Sports * West Side Improv * Wheaton Park District *

Thank you to the following people for your help with the Discovery Day/Volunteer Luncheon and businesses who generously donated and/or discounted: Kristen Moore * Tammy Quentin * Patti Gebner * Fresh Market * Subway – Wheaton on Roosevelt Road

Thank you to the following people for your help with Field Day: Chris Doyle * Mary Ann Minser * Megan Burke * Carey Coppoletta * Kaila Garza * Courtney Henderson * Anne Holman * Allison Kile * Soohyun Kim * Valerie Kral * Charlie Landeros * Ashley Long * Tim Misavage * Niki Miklautsch * Mary Jane Neri * Mary Reynolds * Ali Thomas * Jessica Weldon * Kim Zielinski *
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Wellness News

Bike Safety

Spring has finally arrived and everyone is looking forward to more outdoor activities. One popular activity is bike riding, but before using your bicycle this year it is important to make sure it is working properly. It is also essential to review bike safety with your children. Below you will find Lowell’s guidelines for riding bikes to school and a bike safety flyer is linked here to review with your child. Enjoy safe riding!

Bicycles (Information from the Lowell Student Handbook)

  • Students in third through fifth grade, who are walkers, are permitted to ride their bicycles to school. For safety reasons, students below third grade cannot ride their bike on their own without a written request from the parent and permission for the principal. Students need to wear a bike helmet for protection.
  • Bikes are to be walked on school grounds at all times. Once on the grounds they are to be parked and locked in the bicycle rack.
  • Bikes should be ridden on the sidewalk, yielding to pedestrians. Bikes should be walked if many pedestrians are present. Where there is no sidewalk, bikes should be ridden in the same direction as traffic. Bicycle privileges may be taken away if a student consistently makes unsafe choices.
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End of Year Health Office Happenings: May 2018

Purging Student Health Files

Portions of the temporary health records for students moving on to (middle school or high school) will be updated and/or deleted prior to the end of the school year. If you would like to come in to inspect or copy any health records, please call the school health office. All immunization records, accident reports, and records of release of information contained in the permanent record will be kept as part of the permanent school records.

Health Requirements for School Attendance

Below is a list of school health requirements for kindergarten, second, sixth and ninth grade students for the upcoming school year. The required forms can be found on the district or school website under Health Services.

Physical Examination Requirements

The Illinois school code requires that students entering school for the first time (early childhood, kindergarten, or first grades), students entering kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades, and transfer students must submit evidence of a physical examination and a complete record of immunizations.

  • The completed physical examination and record of immunization form is expected at the school health office upon enrollment/ registration and required by the first day of student attendance.

  • Appointment dates for obtaining a physical exam do not meet the school requirement.

Students who do not meet these requirements will be excluded and will not be permitted to attend school per district policy.

Immunization Requirements

Immunization records must show proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, polio and chicken pox.

  • Early childhood students are also required to have the haemophilus influenzae and pneumococcal vaccines.

  • Early childhood and sixth grade through high school students are also required to have the hepatitis B vaccine..

  • Sixth grade thru twelfth grade are required to have the Tdap vaccine.

  • Sixth grade and twelfth grade are required to have the meningococcal vaccine.

Dental Examination Requirements

Students in kindergarten, second and sixth grades must submit evidence of a dental examination by May 15th of that school year. Dental exams must be completed within 18 months prior to May 15th.

Vision Examination Requirements

Students entering Illinois schools for the 1st time (kindergarten or transfer) must submit evidence of a vision exam.

All required health forms are available at the school office or www.cusd200.org. The school nurse may be able to provide resources for obtaining health requirements.

Medication Pick-up

Any student with medication kept at school must be picked up by you or a designated adult by June 6, 2018. After this date all remaining medications will be discarded.

Each school year we must have a new doctor’s order to continue giving your child medication in school. All medical forms are available online at www.cusd200.org/healthservices

Jefferson Early Childhood Center Tuition-Based Registration for 2018-2019 School Year

Applications for the tuition-based program at the Jefferson Early Childhood Center are now being accepted. The program runs Tuesday through Friday from 9:15 am to 11:45 am or 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. All applications received will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications must be accompanied by a deposit check in the amount of $245.00 made payable to CUSD 200. Deposit checks represent the September, 2018 tuition payment and are always refundable if the student is unable to attend.

Please contact the school office at 630-682-2474 if you have questions.

We thank you for not double parking on Illinois, in the car line, and in the surrounding neighborhood during arrival and dismissal to keep the children safe. Car riders should remain indoors until they are called; they should not be on the playground. We also thank all families for crossing Illinois Street at the corner. Safety for the children is our top priority!

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