Smoking,Alcohol,decision making

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Smoking and the effects.

Smoking for everybody is bad after you read this passage you will think about trying to quit When you start for a while it gets addicting. Then you teeth start to get yellow then your breath starts to stink. Sometimes you can get gum disease you can even get cancer and people could die from smoking. As you can see smoking is a bad habit to start what's worse wants you get addicted it's even harder to stop is it really worth three dollars I think not don't start.

Have you ever drunk alcohol?

Alcohol is very bad you might think it taste good but after you read this I hope you change your mind. People drink it, then the effect is that it causes cancer in the liver,rectum,breast,mouth and larynx. It is very addicting, it can go to your brain and make you body just shut down. Then when people are alcoholics they get the big effects, they get cancer there memory is bad they have slow reflexes there teeth start to rot out. I hope you never drink it is really bad if you have a friend that drinks help them try to stop the addiction.

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How do you say no to bad things?

You can make good decisions and bad decisions in life,and drugs smoking and alcohol is a very bad decision. Step one when they ask you to smoke, drink or do drugs say no right away. Step two tell them how bad it is for them and tell them what can happen. Then they might try to pressure you into doing it. Then if there still trying to get you to do it just walk away. Making one bad decision in life is big when it comes to alcohol smoking and drugs so try not to do any of those things.
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vocabulary words

addiction-is a habit that you can not stop doing.

alcohol-a clear liquid that has a strong smell such as beer,wine,whiskey cigarettes-a slender roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper and meant to be smoked. Drugs-a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body


What does smoking cause? Can alcohol cause cancer? How do you say no to drugs? Where does smoking cause cancer? What are the effects of drinking alcohol?